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Marketers can now track Impression-Level Ad Revenue with MoPub

We’re delighted to announce that Adjust’s Ad Revenue reporting now includes granular impression-level data from MoPub monetization platform, a Twitter company.

In-app advertising has gained momentum as a viable monetization model as an increasing number of companies become mobile-centric. This development has made it more important than ever for marketers to get accurate, granular measurements of advertising ROI. Despite this, the industry’s status quo is to aggregate ad revenue data across an entire network. This is why, in a push for greater transparency, we launched User-Level Ad Revenue earlier this year; a feature that now includes granular data powered by MoPub’s impression-level revenue data product.

With MoPub’s impression-level revenue data and Adjust’s reporting capabilities, app publishers can tie back monetization revenue to the source and compare it with that user’s acquisition cost. This enables apps to make informed user acquisition decisions and provide a superior user experience with more sophisticated and personalized targeting campaigns.

“Acquiring new users has never been more competitive — and providing publishers with revenue data at the impression-level, in real time, is critical to optimizing user acquisition,” says David Gregson, Product Manager at MoPub. “Making impression-level revenue data available to attribution providers like Adjust will provide greater granularity to our mutual customers, allowing them to turn this data into actionable insights and offer the holistic view needed to propel their business to the next level.”

With this feature mobile app publishers can get real insights with the goal of translating them to increased revenue by optimizations based on accurate and deliverable data. This reporting finally gives marketers a granular and privacy-compliant way to measure user lifetime value (LTV), Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) — critical measurements for publishers looking to better inform their targeting campaigns.

This extension is Adjust’s latest step in continuing to support marketers and their activities, and forms part of our goal of offering the most complete and accurate solution in the mobile measurement industry. Extending User-Level Ad Revenue reporting across platforms enhances transparency in the mobile ecosystem and provides publishers with the granular data they need.

We encourage all mediation platforms and partners to help us scale this solution, providing greater transparency throughout the mobile marketing ecosystem.

You can find further information about this feature on MoPub’s product page.

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