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From #MS16: Understanding Wooga's Manifold Marketing Channels

In the run-up to our no-nonsense mobile marketing conference, Mobile Spree 2017, in Berlin and SF, we’re going through the archives of our best talks from 2016. From Berliner gaming giant Wooga, Jan Miczaika delivered a great overview of how Wooga handles a diverse marketing campaign setup.

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Last year, Jan Miczaika took the stage at the Stadtbad Oderberg. Jan is the COO at Wooga, a Berlin-based developer of mobile games. During his five years at Wooga, Jan has launched and marketed a number of titles including Diamond Dash, Monster World, Jelly Splash, Pearl’s Peril and Futurama. Jan is also a board member of Hitmeister, an e-commerce marketplace co-founded in 2004 (later sold to Real), as well as a number of other startups.

Watch Jan’s talk from last year to get a taste of what’s coming up for Mobile Spree 2017:

“It’s about understanding how the effects link into each other. TV might bring in the users immediately - but you also have an uplift of other KPIs, that you need to quantify.”

Having taken place on June 2, 2016, industry experts, influencers and mobile marketers flocked in equal measure to the inaugural edition of Mobile Spree, hosted by adjust. This video series relives the talks and recaps some of the key take-aways from the event.

Wooga is the Berlin juggernaut of mobile gaming, and Jan Miczaika its COO (and responsible for marketing). With a range of mobile gaming titles, the Wooga team needs to figure out how to most effectively market games: from paid acquisition channels like user acquisition, running influencer campaigns and TV ads to organic traffic sources like featuring, word-of-mouth and in-game virality.

As they run different campaigns, a key question arises: how do different channels and cross-promotions affect each other? Jan will discuss his experiences with a wide range of channels and some key interlinking in-between.

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