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Launching in New York - Adjust touches down on the East Coast

Happy 4th of July! We have a special announcement to make, one that we hope our American friends will be happy to hear…

With so much time spent commuting coast-to-coast, we’ve gotten a little tired of all the airtime. We’ve decided to settle down in a new town, for new opportunities.

Adjust is setting up shop in New York with the launch of a brand new office. While we’ve had a presence in the city for some time, we can now add a little more focus to our offering. Arun Gupta heads up the team as our US Director of Sales, making the move from the Bay Area to expand adjust’s reach across the US.

The move will also help bolster our relationships with existing clients too, such as FanDuel, BuzzFeed, and Take Two Interactive.

“New York’s ecommerce, finance and other industries that previously haven’t been mobile-first are starting to make the switch,” says Arun Gupta, “the city’s becoming a hotbed for mobile apps.”

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