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Balancing growth and culture: Lina’s story

It’s time we caught up with Lina, Adjust’s newly appointed HR Manager. Together with her team, she’s been responsible for growing Adjust from 60 people when she started, to now over 200 globally. In our talk, we explored the process behind Adjust’s exponential growth in the past two years. We learn about her thoughts on our growth, how this impacts company culture and how it evolves with every new face at Adjust. Scroll on to read more about Lina's journey with Adjust so far.

So, let’s start with the hiring process - what are the first interactions a potential Adjuster experiences?

In the beginning, everyone is welcomed by HR with an informal chat. It’s an open conversation, with the aim of simply getting to know a person better, to understand their personality, their interests, and to make sure that the role is the best fit for the candidate.

It’s also quite important for us to clearly define expectations right at the beginning. We explain to candidates every step of our hiring process - from assessments to the conversations they’ll have with their future team members. We also try to understand each applicant’s long-term goals and give them an indication of how they can achieve them at Adjust.

As an example, for positions that require in-depth product knowledge, we have tests in place to assess a candidate’s technical abilities and their ability to grasp complex topics quickly. It's important that they get the opportunity to see the kinds of challenges they‘d face day to day.

This process ensures that applicants fully understand how technical a role at Adjust can be. It’s happened that some potential candidates realize that the position isn’t what they expected while others are often surprised that they enjoyed the challenge of a steep learning curve. Overall, it works as a very good filter, both for Adjust and the interviewee.

What else do you look for in potential hires outside of their hard skills?

I personally always like to spend time exploring what kind of environment people enjoy working in. We dive into their past experiences, what they liked and didn’t like, talking through their career. I also give them an insight into Adjust’s culture and working life, and see if they are excited by the opportunity to work in a place like ours.

What are your other responsibilities besides hiring?

Besides hiring, I’m responsible for the onboarding process of all our new hires. Everyone new to Adjust has quite an intensive first three weeks which cover introductory courses going through everything from our company strategy and structure to in-depth product training, all dependant on the role.

Every new employee is flown into Berlin for their onboarding and I’m the first person they meet and together we kick-off their Adjust life.

I make sure our new colleagues are prepared for their first day and that they feel welcomed as soon as they start. This covers assigning mentors and ensuring their managers are ready to make them part of their team. Together with our Product Education team, I schedule their first 3 weeks so each person receives the tailored training they need to start their journey at Adjust.

Although hiring has taken most of my time, I’m now also spending more time with our current teams as an HR Business Partner, this means I am encouraging employee development and providing support for our managers.

What attracted you to Adjust? What aspects of the culture do you appreciate the most?

For me, people are the most important part of every company. Before I was hired, the first conversations I had were with the current employees, and this led me to believe that Adjust was full of tolerant, clever and open-minded people. Values, I myself, appreciate. After starting, I saw firsthand that Adjust accepts and welcomes people from diverse backgrounds along with different lifestyles and personalities. With over 30 different nationalities, we have an inclusive and accepting culture that I truly cherish working in every day.

I'm very happy to have found Adjust, and I continue to be excited to share the experience of starting here every month with our newbies.

I’ve been at Adjust for two years now, and it feels like my journey's just starting.

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