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How Adjust achieved an employee churn rate of 3%

At Adjust we think about hiring a little differently, and it all stems from the challenges we faced in our early days. Back in 2012, the mobile scene was still coming into its own, and we always came up against a brick wall when looking to hire people with the right experience. We found plenty of talented people but they lacked one crucial element: mobile experience.

That’s when we realized our hiring strategy would have to change to keep up. We couldn’t afford to be dogmatic about the previous industries or roles employees worked in. This allows us to focus on hiring the best people regardless of their specific past experience.

But this also changed how we think about onboarding new employees and challenges Adjust to get them up to speed on the ins and outs of the mobile industry. You might say this process has sparked our passion for education. But it’s also paying off in important ways. For instance, our average churn rate is just 3% in an industry defined by its high churn rate (13%).

Learn more about the onboarding and education process that keeps our employees loyal and happy from Christian Henschel, Co-founder and CEO of Adjust, in his column from the first ever issue of LTV magazine.

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