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Plan for the long-term with a multi-touch attribution model

Erdem Inan leads the Growth Team at Trendyol, the largest mobile commerce company in Turkey and the MENA region. As marketers know, commerce is a complex journey spanning multiple platforms, touchpoints and mobile moments when the customer is looking for assistance, and the newest trends and latest offers.

In our first issue of LTV magazine, Mobile analyst Peggy Anne Salz caught up with Erdem to discuss his personal journey to develop a multi-touch attribution model to gain deeper insights into the complete customer journey. He shares pitfalls, growth hacks, and advice you can follow to develop a formula for “marketing value” allowing you to track (and attract) the users that count.

In practice, calculating marketing value requires marketers to “pinpoint the events and milestones in the user journey that drive incremental LTV,” Erdem explains. The outcome is an optimization metric that represents a sum of all the value of all your marketing, but the formula behind the formula is far from clear-cut. Learn how this calculation is inextricably intertwined with the data you collect and the business goals you want to achieve.

Smart marketers will choose an approach — such as the mobile multi-touch attribution (MTA) model — that allows them to grow sustainably in the long-term, Erdem explains. The right MTA model is the one that supports your business objectives. Once you know what you’re aiming for, you develop a formula for “marketing value.”

To learn how, read the full article in the inaugural issue of LTV magazine.

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