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Out now! A marketer’s guide to automation

Marketing automation is poised to transform the future of digital advertising. How marketers optimize campaigns, strategies and results will be put into the hands of machines, and marketers who miss the trend will be swiftly left behind.

This is the view of Tolga Kuzdere, a marketing and automation thought leader and Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Akbank, and author of A marketer’s guide to automation. Drawing from his personal experience and expertise, Tolga has developed the ebook to help marketers grasp the basics of automation and explain what he calls the “beneficial symbiotic relationship” between marketers and machines.

You can use this expert guide to understand why automation is inevitable and how it will shape the future of digital marketing. Get your copy by clicking the button below.

Not quite convinced? Here’s an excerpt from our report to give you a preview of what’s inside.

Creative automation

Ad creatives are a hot topic as more marketers realize that effective campaigns don’t just drive clicks. They also leave a lasting impression, encouraging consumers to engage again and again. It’s a positive cycle that starts with compelling ad creatives. In 2020, you can expect creatives, and the efforts marketers make to acquire and engage their target audience, to dominate the conversation. More importantly, as more marketers adopt automation to crunch numbers, creatives will become the source of competitive advantage and the deciding factor in whether a campaign flies or fails.

What is creative automation?

Creative automation helps marketers with end-to-end automation, making machines able to better deliver the right ad to the right audience at the right time. The number of variations and variables needed to make this decision for each situation, segment and channel (in a nano-second or less) has grown beyond human capacity. This is where machine learning excels — making the match between the audience and the creative based on a deep understanding of your campaign objectives and KPIs.

Put simply, creative automation allows you to produce and distribute messages automatically, ensuring the message resonates with the unique needs of each customer based on their behavior in your communication funnel.

Why is creative automation important — what will it change?

First impressions count! People will view the ad creative, then they decide if they like what they see. It’s critical to make sure your creatives resonate, making sure they match with what a single individual wants to see. It’s the task of a marketer to personalize advertising. It’s also here that marketers should approach creative automation as the first step to achieving a truly personal experience marketing automation.

That’s all for now. To read more, download the report now to get the full automation guide today.

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