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Migros: why they made the switch to Adjust

Ranked as one of the top 40 retailers in the world, Migros accounts for 89% of the retail market share in Turkey via their wholesale stores and mobile online shopping brands including Migros Sanal Market (, Macrocenter (, Tazedirekt ( and Migros Hemen. Given their huge focus on e-commerce and mobile commerce, the Migros digital marketing and data analytics team realised the need to work with a mobile attribution provider.

Initially facing challenges working with another provider, the e-commerce giant made a quick switch to Adjust after realizing that they had a more complex set of requirements. For Migros, it was Adjust’s accuracy of data and quality of support that convinced them we were the mobile measurement partner they needed.

Adjust and access to raw data

Migros processes millions of data points every day, and were struggling to get raw data in real-time. Their data is centralized in a single database and is fed in from all of their entities, including customer touchpoints from in-app and online. Without raw data, budgets weren’t able to be effectively allocated, and this went on to affect overall performance. Working with Adjust, Migros is now able to receive raw data in real-time, which is sent directly to their internal systems in the form of real data callbacks.

Working with accurate and convenient data

Another important point for Migros is to be able to depend on the accuracy and trustworthiness of the data they receive. Data from all of their brands is centralized in one place, so it’s incredibly important for company-wide decision making that it be accurate. Their data is also processed in their local currency, the Turkish Lira, which was not available as a reporting currency with their previous attribution partner. “Not having to manually figure out the right currency has saved a lot of time, and to be honest, headaches from the team,” said Ibrahim Tecimen, Digital Marketing, CRM & Analytics Manager at Migros. Adjust supports more than 150 currencies for reporting, so our clients are able to report on revenue data in their local, or relevant, currencies.

Ibrahim also commented on the Adjust dashboard, and likes how easily customizable it is: “The dashboard’s detailed filters let us drill into our campaigns from all angles and group together pieces of data that make decision making easier.”

iOS tracking vital for overall ROI

Migros was also convinced to make the change to Adjust because of their previous partner’s inability to solve an iOS tracking issue. For several weeks in a row, Migros couldn’t receive any iOS campaign data, which was having a significant impact on overall marketing ROI. After troubleshooting the issue themselves and subsequently reaching out for support, they weren’t able to solve it.

“Data fuels our business, and when we were missing iOS data it made us start to question what other data we could be missing, too. Adjust has proven to be the most accurate solution we’ve used,” explained Ibrahim.

Migros and Adjust: working together for optimal results

At Adjust, we ensure that client support requests never go unanswered. Our Support team is a big differentiator for many clients, and our Account Managers are always there to help you work through any issues you might have, regardless of their complexity. This means that when working with clients like Migros, we’re able to solve any and all queries. “With Adjust, getting support was never an issue. There hasn’t been a single query where we waited more than half an hour for a response from them,” said Ibrahim. After switching to Adjust, Migros received a step-by-step integration with support points available for all stakeholders.

The team has since been assigned a dedicated account management team from which they not only receive tailored support but regular updates. “The team at Adjust has been extremely helpful in getting us set up, whether that meant working with our developers on implementation or doing back-to-back calls showing us how to get the most out of the dashboard,” said Ibrahim.

Thanks to our raw-data callbacks, advanced iOS tracking, and highly trained support team, Migros were able to solve all problems that were previously having a negative impact on reporting and ROIs. To find out more about the Adjust product and other clients who made the switch from another attribution partner, check out our case studies with albo and Gameberry.

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