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Mobile marketing insights from Russian game developer RJ Games

We took some time out to catch up with Anastasia Perina at RJ Games, a gaming outfit based over in Moscow. Anastasia is the Business Development Executive at RJ Games. She has a strong background in online marketing for mobile games, especially in social and mobile promotion.

adjust: To warm up, what’s your marketing focus or strategy?

Anastasia: The marketing department plays a key role in every company. It creates and builds on the whole company goal and strategy. At RJ Games we aim to create modern, high-quality projects that become exemplary for others. Our marketing department is responsible for execution on this goal at every stage of project development.

The Interview

adjust: The perpetual question: What KPIs do you use?

Anastasia: There isn’t one big secret or any specific metrics that we use in our analysis process. We basically measure all the main game data like CPA, ARPU, ARPPU, LTV, retention and so on, but in terms of KPI, we only use a few metrics: CPA, LTV and, of course, revenue.

adjust: What have you found to be the most successful marketing method for your games and why? What’s the secret sauce?

Anastasia: We create a specific mix every time, and the recipe really depends on the project. In the first stage of a game’s promotion we are very accurate and run in-depth analyses of unique project metrics, of our target audiences and other necessary information to identify the best marketing methods.

adjust: Can you tell us about advertising on social media channels and what effect this has on your games?

Anastasia: Social media promotion is obviously quite established. But on the other hand, the market for social media promotion is quite complex and has a lot of different platforms and services, and all of them can help you to drive traffic to your games. Of course, in terms of the effectiveness of your social media promotion, you have to find which platforms works best for your needs – and whether you want to work with partners or your company has a strong team that can manage all of the social promotion in-house.

adjust: Can you tell us more about your monetization model, how does it work? Are there any special tricks?

Anastasia: All of our games are free-to-play and monetization is always based on inn-app purchases. We build unique monetization models for each project from the start, but we always find we can still improve them based on our user’s behavior. And yes, we have some tricks that we use in every game to induce users to start paying or to continue paying, like all game-developer companies do.

adjust: Finally, what tips would you give to a developer starting out?

Anastasia: Well, first of all, you must have a strong technical team and at least two people in marketing: one who can drive game promotion and one with strong analytical skills. One more thing – you have to be very ambitious to drive your team to the top. Work hard, play hard, be one up! – this’s my rule in life and my advice to you. It has absolutely helped me to achieve success in whatever I do.

adjust: Thanks for your time, Anastasia!

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