Blog Announced: Agenda for Mobile Spree 2017 ...

We’ve just published the agenda for Mobile Spree 2017 in Berlin!

Really excited to welcome our line-up of speakers onto the stage at the Stadtbad Oderberg on June 1st – a heady mix of CMOs, Heads of Growth, UA Leads, and topics ranging from ROI measurement, personalization, intent targeting, and other cutting-edge techniques from some of the best marketers we know.

Haven’t picked up your ticket yet? It’s high time to finish up! Tickets are going fast and we can’t admit more than 200 people into the venue. (Stupid German fire code!)

To grab your ticket, head over to the site and either use a ticket voucher (if you’re using Adjust, chances are we sent you an email!) or request a ticket voucher with the form on the right.

As part of the agenda release, we’ve also confirmed another four speakers for the day – which, in due course, I’d like to introduce.

Guillem Pons

It’s not every 20-person mobile startup that has a very own data scientist, but this luxury is bestowed by Badi’s head of data science Guillem Pons. In his day-to-day work, he helps the performance marketers analyze which users to focus on. But how do you know not just which users have converted in the past, but which users are likely to convert in the future? And how do you quickly implement new learnings from an agile startup into that forecast?


Jan is the COO of Berlin gaming giant Wooga. During his five years at Wooga, Jan has launched and marketed a number of titles including Diamond Dash, Monster World, Jelly Splash, Pearl’s Peril and Futurama. Jan is also a board member of Hitmeister, an e-commerce marketplace co-founded in 2004 (later sold to Real), as well as a number of other startups.

Last year at Mobile Spree, Jan took the stage to talk about how Wooga generates a concerted understanding of the performance of a varied set of marketing channels.

Benjamin Lorthiois

Benjamin is the CMO of Happn, a social discovery app matching users based on their geolocations. With Happn, there’s a triple challenge: not only does the dating app require a fine balance of male and female users (acting, in a way, like the two-sided marketplaces we sometimes speak of), but they also need to cross paths on the regular.

Benjamin flies in for us from Paris to give his take on that challenge, and how he and the team at Happn overcome it.

Marina Guz

Marina is the growth lead at Berlin-built app company, coming from the elusive vertical of medtech with a simple proposition: customize your music based on your hearing. The app tests your hearing through a set of standardized tests to analyze your level of hearing loss (if any) and can then adjust the frequencies of your favourite music apps for each of your ears to optimize the experience for you.

As growth lead, Marina considers UA, product and engagement topics all rolled up into one, and works on a broad range of marketing topics for the startup. At Mobile Spree, we’ll hear (heh, get it?) from her about their efforts on World Hearing Day, how they hacked the day as a promotional stunt, and how users engaged in the long term after their hearing test.

Here’s your chance to meet and learn from all of them

So Mobile Spree 2017 is set to be a gathering of some of the world’s most expert mobile marketers. And the day is totally focused on mobile marketing – not distracted by vendor sponsorships, thinly-veiled sales pitches, or stuffy conference hotels.

Neither is the event a big crush. We literally can’t fit more than 200 people in the event space!

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