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Top three takeaways from Mobile Spree Berlin 2019

Our most recent Mobile Spree was one of our best — if you missed it, we’ve got you covered with our roundup.

Adjust’s seminal event touched down for its fourth Berlin installment in a brand new location. The Radialsystem provided the perfect backdrop on the banks of the River Spree, providing a welcoming location for over 200 marketers who came to focus on all things mobile.

Lunch on the river Spree

Mobile Spree featured standout speakers, including Standard Chartered’s CEO of Virtual Bank, Deniz Güven, as well as mobile veterans such as Johannes Heinze, Co-Founder of Popcore, and Amandine Plas, Kapten’s Head of Acquisition, CRM and UX. The panels and discussions ranged from the rise of Hypercasual gaming to the developing strategies of mobile banking. Speakers also touched on rebranding, data management and automation. However, there were three topics that came up again and again.

The arena was packed

Managing growth

The first theme featured from the start. Growth is vital to any organization, but managing that growth to keep your trajectory consistent has become a whole new focus. Gessica Bicego, Director of Performance Marketing at Blinkist, a book-summarizing subscription service, is no stranger to growth. The team hyper-scaled in a short amount of time, going from 4 million to 10 million active users. So now, in order to continue, they have to switch gears: “We need to think about the future. We need to focus more on the brand side, on channels that will put us in front of millions of people.” That said, such initiatives are hard to measure, a departure from strictly digital user acquisition activities.

Going from the macro level thinking to micro implementation, Ekaterina Shpadareva, User Acquisition and ASO Manager at fitness app Runtastic, discussed scaling at the event level, telling the audience to set expectations early, and “calculate your ideal growth pace”, so you’re not waiting for your user numbers to catch up. Ekaterina also suggested that “losing some investment might be what it takes to scale your app”, so what appears to be wasted time, or wasted budget, might just be the investment needed to find the right path to growth.

Getting localization right

Tying into growth came localization, a critical component of increasing an app’s share of the market. The audience was continually reminded of the importance of getting localization right from almost every speaker — even Adjust’s own Michael Paxman.

Michael Paxman hosted a firey fireside chat

Michael, Adjust’s Communications Lead, kicked off the call to localize: “For those of you who haven’t run an ad in Asia in a country’s local language, you’re missing out. The region is a goldmine for mobile marketers.”

But successful localization hinges on more than translation of creative text. To succeed, creatives need to extend to locally understood concepts, and include famous faces from each country. While leveraging influencers in each region is one such tactic, “the most important thing is that you need to understand the market, then grow up in the ecosystem.”

Gessica and Ling Shi kicked off the day

Localization extends to KPIs. Gessica Bicego noted that, “having one KPI for every country and every channel didn’t work for us” because different countries had different knowledge of non-fiction — Blinkist’s core product. As such, they needed to rethink their targets to find the right level of performance, then iterate across their target countries.

Amandine Plas, Head of Acquisition at French ride-hailing app Kapten, noted the importance of localization while keeping to your roots: “We might be born in France, but we try to be individual wherever we are.”

It wasn't all serious!

Cross-device headaches

The intricacies of cross-install tracking were discussed at length. After all, though your app is likely trying to cross borders, it’s also jumping across devices as well, and, as Luiz Guzman of Spanish on-demand delivery startup Glovo says, “there is no 100% accurate way to identify a user across devices.” As such, tracking is still a challenge to get right. Much of the day was dedicated to sharing tips on getting cross-device tracking done as effectively as possible. Ceri Francis, Lead Web Analyst at e-commerce company Entertainment Magpie, faced cross-device as his main task, because ultimately, “We don’t know which channel users prefer, so it’s become our central challenge to find out.”

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