Something big is coming to Mobile Spree...

Marne Litfin

Posted Sep 28, 2017

Something big is coming.

How big?

Oh, we wish we could tell you. Keeping secrets is so hard!

All we can say is...

We’re working together with a massive team of advertisers, ad networks and a bunch of special partners to change how the mobile ad industry works.

We’ve been busy meeting with leaders in mobile marketing, talking about the obstacles that keep them from becoming the most effective and successful marketers they can be, and looking at ways we can all solve problems related to transparency, honesty, and the flow of information within our ecosystem.

Here's who we're working with on our big secret:

We don’t want to give any more details (otherwise it won’t be any fun)

But we heard there's a big conference for mobile app marketers happening in San Francisco in October. Seems like a pretty good place to make a big announcement...

Get your ticket now!

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