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We did it! Our first Mobile Spree in the USA brought together over 200 app marketers last Thursday at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco for a much-needed look at how the top mobile marketers in every vertical make attribution work for them.

Spree’s not a time to show off. It’s about taking hard-won lessons - like how to win millions of users around the world with a team of five, how to identify and target the users worth investing in, or what happens when your company’s app is an afterthought instead of the main event - and sharing that insight with your peers.

Didn’t make it this time? Here are some of the highlights of what you missed (and keep an eye on the blog for more recaps, videos, photos and takeaways as they roll in!).

This time we focused on three themes: user acquisition tips & tricks, engagement & segmentation, and growth & localization. But some of the most profound insights of the day were all about prioritization. How do you take stock of what you have, set your sights on reasonable and effective targets and make the leap to a mobile-first plan of action?

Data first! How @HomeAdvisor revitalized their app with a data-first focus and interdepartmental collaboration #MS17
— Adjust

(@adjustcom) October 12, 2017

HomeAdvisor’s team of Kathryn Bostwick (Product Manager), Cassandra Chernin (Senior Manager, Digital Marketing) and Chris Miller (Product Analysis) talked the crowd through the steps HomeAdvisor took to claim space in the mobile ecosystem from three different perspectives.

“Our first app was a complete afterthought. We had one product mgr who was responsible for it, and she had two other projects that were a bigger priority. Not only was it outdated, it provided an incomplete and insufficient user experience.”

Once HomeAdvisor committed to making the app a priority, they also had shift what the app was designed to do. As Cassandra explained, “The big issue with our app is we’re focused on lead generation. Everything we do is direct response, and for every dollar we spend, I need to have another dollar coming in.” Rather than measure success in the amount of new subscribers, they redesigned the user experience of the app to appeal to their highest-quality users and get those users working harder, including making it possible to access your account from the mobile app - a fact they’d overlooked in the app’s original design.

It’s a simple concept, but one that several speakers underlined:

Jeff Gurian

VP, Marketing & Ad Monetization, Kongregate

Another voice that echoed the need to take a hard look at KPIs was Mark Powlen, Head of Growth at Tally. During our panel ‘UA from scratch: Everything you need to know to grow efficiently and effectively’, Mark explained that Tally spent a lot of time thinking about what ought to drive their product decisions.

Mark Powlen

Head of Growth, Tally

Even for those with small teams, there are proven ways to succeed on mobile. Smule’s Eugenia Kovalenko presented the audience with a talk on achieving global growth with a lean team. Smule successfully marketed their music apps to a mass niche audience that now includes over 15M users with a tiny team that based all of their decisions on a few key pillars. One of those pillars is the ‘plug and play’ mentality.

“Before you start, you must ask yourself: if this task is successful, how will I be able to replicate it and scale it with minimum resources?”

One example of minimal resources: Smule found that they didn’t need to localize their creatives necessarily in all of their markets. Creatives intended for the US market tested and performed well in both Latin America and Europe; it was only in Asia, they discovered, where each country required its own localized creatives; “If you have minimal time, definitely invest it in Asia.”

It’s often worth a look back just to see how far we’ve all come. In our panel ‘Growing up mobile: How to stay ahead in a constantly changing industry’, we talked with four giants in mobile who’ve seen it all, including Chris Akhavan, Chief Revenue Officer at Glu Mobile. Chris painted a picture for us about what mobile was like back in 2010:

“It’s funny to be at an Adjust conference, because back in 2010 attribution didn’t exist. Back then, literally my pitch was 'for $25K I can get you in the top three!' You could say that things have evolved dramatically since then…”

Looking ahead, change is in the air. Google is upgrading all AdWords app install campaigns to Universal App Campaigns (UAC) next month. Google's Director of Global App Install Strategy, Lee Jones, sat down to chat with Adjust's Head of Product Marketing, Stephanie Pilon about Google's recent announcements and where Google is placing its bets.

_“With UAC, people really want to know what the ‘machine’ is learning -- what types of interesting insights is it picking up that we didn’t know? We’re going through design sprints to understand what insights would be most interesting to you, things that are both actionable and insightful beyond just your campaign. We’re gonna do more to give you a better glimpse into what our machine is doing. We’re going to do a lot more visualization. It’s exciting stuff, but it’s hard to get right.”

What else is coming up? You might’ve heard the afternoon keynote session by our CTO, Paul Müller, introducing our shiny new ad spend API! With over 17 ad networks and countless partners already on board, we’re looking forward to bringing device-level cost data to the masses.

Paul H. Müller

Co-founder & CTO, Adjust

Thank you for the support you’ve shown us so far. Here’s to bringing more transparency to the industry together in the future! For more information about how to get on board, please contact your account manager.

And that’s all! We loved getting to connect with you in sunny San Francisco. Thanks for bringing your game faces and your experience; we look forward to bringing Mobile Spree back to the USA next year. We've only got one thing left to say:

"In God we trust, everybody else has to bring data" - Ajay Sampat, Director of Growth @TextNow #MS17
— Adjust (@adjustcom) October 12, 2017

See you next year!

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