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With just four weeks to go until Mobile Spree San Francisco, we’re busy putting the final bells and whistles on all of our plans for the big day.

We’re editing the program, preparing our speeches and taste-testing the swag (it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it). Today we’re excited to announce the lineup of our ENTIRE workshop program we’ll be offering during the conference on October 12th.

This year there are seven workshops at Mobile Spree SF. Mobile Spree attendees can sign up for as many as they’d like. Each workshop is available at no extra cost and focuses in-depth on a skill you can add to your mobile measurement toolbox. Want to dive into deep linking? Don’t know how to derive insights from your cohort analysis? Our best in-house data heads are coming to town to help you get the most out of your mobile measurement platform.

For a limited time, workshop attendees will receive a free ticket to Mobile Spree. Join a workshop here.

Campaign Wizard: How to work some magic

Adjust’s Campaign Wizard offers you the control you need to run campaigns your way. It gives you the ability to create and customize tracker URLs within the Dashboard so you can run set trackers differently - even if they’re set within the same campaign. But how? This session will focus on how to make Campaign Wizard work for you. We’ll show you how targeted the tool can allow you to be.

The techniques fraudsters use to mess with your data

How do you know if your campaigns are beset by fraud? What are the consequences? In this first session, resident fraud expert Andreas Naumann will walk you through ad fraud from zero to 100 and show you how you can use Adjust’s fraud filters to clean up your data.

Mitigating mobile ad fraud with fraud filters: How and when to use them

Fraud isn’t just a sponge that sucks up your marketing budget - it can also distort your marketing data. In this second session with Adjust's  Andreas Naumann, we'll talk through each of the different fraud filters in Adjust's Fraud Prevention Suite, including what they do and how they work, and when it’s best to apply them.

Fraud Surgery: An open Q&A

Got a problem with mobile fraud? Now’s the time to bring it up. During this open question and answer session, Adjust’s resident fraud expert Andreas Naumann will be available to answer any questions you may have about mobile fraud and your data. Think fraud might be skewing your data set? Come prepared with questions!

Divide and Conquer: Segmentation with Adjust's Audience Builder

Everyone’s talking about how to balance re-engagement and retargeting campaigns with user acquisition efforts. The key to being an effective retargeter is reaching out to targeted, segmented audiences. Adjust’s new Audience Builder is a built-in segmentation machine. You can create a highly specific list with just a few clicks: want to target male users from 18-24 in the US who made a purchase, but have been inactive in your app for three days? We’ll show you all of the parameters you can use to slice and dice your audience, as well as use cases from early testers in this overview.

Deep Dive into Deep Links

Deep links are a powerful tool for engagement and user acquisition, but they’re not just a switch you can toggle on and off. There are different types of deep links, each with their own purpose depending upon the type of campaign you’d like to run. How can you plan and specify your app’s deep link integration and implementation into your campaigns? And what are Universal Links? These and other mysteries will all be revealed...

Pushing & Pulling your Data

Measurement platforms are (and should be) the central point of your data collection. That’s why Adjust offers a range of services for syncing and downloading the data you collect. Did you know there are 5 APIs just for this purpose? What are these options, and how can you use them? Our team will take you through all your options for data domination.

If you’d like to register for a workshop, sign up here anytime before October 12th.

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