On October 10, our pick of the industry's most accomplished marketers from around the world will take to the Mobile Spree stage in San Francisco. From a range of verticals and perspectives, mobile marketing experts will share valuable insights and real experiences — minus the sales pitches and sponsorships.

One such industry veteran joining us at Spree to address an important topic for mobile marketers is Rebecca Nackson, founder of Notable, a boutique growth-consulting agency headquartered in New York. Powered by a multi-talented and multifaceted team of strategists, analysts and creatives, Notable helps its clients build the right growth stack for their business and optimize growth ecosystems to drive positive results. Before founding her latest venture, Rebecca was a marketer specialized in acquisition and growth and held a variety of positions at leading companies including Prolific Interactive, iHeartMedia, Audible, Bandsintown Group and IBM.

We caught up for a chat with Rebecca, in the lead-up to her keynote talk at Spree.

"Funnel vision" is holding you back

Rebecca's journey from marketer to growth and retention consultant has given her unique insights into what marketers need to master in order to compete and win. After more than 15 years in growth and product teams, she’s concluded that it's time to stop focusing on the user acquisition (UA) funnel and take in the big-picture view of the lifetime value (LTV) of your users.

So, what is the root cause of what Rebecca aptly calls "funnel vision" that has marketers focused on top-funnel wins but blind to the importance of deep-funnel and lasting engagement? It comes down to marketing silos and how teams work. "There are often artificial distinctions in marketing teams — between the UA marketer, the retention marketer, the data team and other roles,” she explains. “People are too focused on their specific areas without considering the bigger picture and sharing insights," she explains.

A broader approach to your data

How do you keep your users coming back and create more monetization opportunities for your app? Rebecca recommends tapping into data points that are produced just before they take the plunge. "The information that you can get from what ad somebody clicked on or what creative they looked at can be used to inform the kind of messages you're sending to them down the track to bring them back to the app," she explains. "These ads are much more likely to be effective if you've included that data in your strategy.” Moreover, advertising that is data-driven doesn’t just inspire user loyalty; it drives down the costs. “At the end of the day, if these strategic approaches are more successful, then your cost per acquisition (CPA) goes down,” she adds.

One data point marketers can’t afford to ignore is the time of day the user first engaged with your app. If they're a night-owl, she explains, then late-night push notifications might be the most effective way to interact with them. “Data points including this one are telling you exactly what you need to do, teaching you the rules of engagement to keep users coming back," she says.

It's all at your fingertips

Marketing to users on their terms and aligned with how they came into your app in the first place can be a challenge, but Rebecca says marketers have the solution at their fingertips. "The great news is that Adjust clients don't have to go far to get these kinds of valuable data points about their users,'' Rebecca explains. “It's all there in your dashboard. You don't need to buy anything new; you need to use the attribution data that you already have.” She goes on to list several key data points marketers are well advised to know and watch — but we don’t want to give it all away just now. At our upcoming Spree, Rebecca will share more useful tips from her playbook and detail how you can harness this data to inform and improve your retention marketing strategy.

You can catch Rebecca's keynote talk at 9:50 a.m. on October 10. Learn more about Mobile Spree, check out the full agenda and purchase tickets here.

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