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Runtastic, Viber, BlaBlaCar, Miniclip, and the author of Mobile Growth Stack: Five more speakers for Mobile Spree

The agenda for Mobile Spree 2017 is quickly filling up – and the Early Bird is running down! You have one more week to grab yourself a ticket to the Berlin edition of Adjust’s very own no-nonsense, no-sales, marketer-driven conference. We kick off in the morning on June 1st at the Stadtbad Oderberg!

If you didn’t catch the first edition in 2016, hit up to check out some of last year’s talks.

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Meanwhile, the roster has been bolstered with the addition of a number of mobile marketing and growth experts from around the world.

Check out the latest announced speakers!


As Miniclip’s User Acquisition lead, Jonathan works to bring mobile users to Miniclip’s growing collection of mobile titles. He takes a specific interest in the mechanics and operation of free-to-play games, and wrote a thesis on the topic at London Metropolitan University. His experience has also brought him to some of our sessions on UA fraud.


Andy is a well-known face in the Berlin mobile scene, as the editor of Mobile Growth Stack and a founding partner of mobile growth consultancy Phiture. Prior to that, he earned his wings with over four years at SoundCloud, which is where he was when we got to know him. As a growth marketer, his focus has been tweaking the user lifecycle with notifications, elegant deep links, drip campaigns and a million other tools.

At Mobile Spree, he’ll bring us the knowledge he gained and refined at SoundCloud and with his clients at Phiture.


Moshi is joining us from Viber HQ in Tel Aviv, where he’s the messaging app’s User Acquisition Lead. With almost a billion active users in an increasingly competitive space, Moshi and his team works on big numbers to make a dent.


Lotta joined Runtastic focusing on monetization questions – working on questions like how users prefer to pay for their apps, calibrating subscription offerings, and managing a transition from a freemium approach to subscriptions. Now, she’s taken over the growth function at the fitness startup, bringing product, UA and monetization closer together to find and refine the business model.

We’ve already had a good chat about the increasing prevalence and popularity of subscription models in mobile, and Lotta comes armed with a set of Runtastic war stories when she flies in to Berlin.


Ivan must have seemed like the candidate from heaven when he started at car sharing company BlaBlaCar: he’d just returned from a year-long crossing of the Americas using nothing but crowdfunding and the sharing economy. Today, a little over two years later, he’s settled in at the company HQ in London as the Mobile Channels lead and spends his day thinking about ways he can make carsharing available to anyone over their mobile phone.

And more…

These five are joining Ville Heijari, Paul Malicki, Ville Mikkola, Ombline de Coriolis, and Stefan Bielau on stage in Berlin in June. And we’re not done yet.

Have a dream speaker, or a story you want to tell yourself? Drop us a line!

Here’s your chance to meet and learn from all of them

So Mobile Spree 2017 is set to be a gathering of some of the world’s most expert mobile marketers. And the day is totally focused on mobile marketing – not distracted by vendor sponsorships, thinly-veiled sales pitches, or stuffy conference hotels.

Neither is the event a big crush. We literally can’t fit more than 200 people in the event space!

The Early Bird deal is up on Monday, so don’t tarry - grab your ticket today!

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