Blog Mobile Spree 2016: Fraud Prevention with Paul Müller

Mobile Spree 2016: Fraud Prevention with Paul Müller

Adjust’s CTO Paul Müller gave an all-encompassing presentation on the release of adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite. In the talk, he provided context around the introduction of the product, and the effects of the Suite once it was switched on. Paul further explored the topic of fraud, with his own tips on how to prevent it, with transparency was at the core of his message.

The Mobile Spree audience learned that fraud was heavily disrupted by the introduction of the suite. However, we could also see that fraudsters could identify what was happening on our end, with them quickly taking steps to move their activities outside of Aadjust’s fraud remit. As such, Paul explored how prevention of fraud was more than a single solution toward the end of his talk. Paul later fielded questions on publisher responsibility and click-spam campaigns.

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