Blog Project Think Tank is coming to Asia!

Project Think Tank is coming to Asia!

Last year on June 27th Adjust launched Project Think Tank, which brings together some of the brightest minds across a variety of different verticals to tackle problems and discuss potential future-looking innovations in mobile marketing.

Adjust’s primary goal when developing new features is to address our client’s needs in the most logical and effective way possible. This approach has led to releases that push the envelope for our industry - think dynamic time zones, Audience Builder or non-aggregate cost data.

Now, in 2018, we’re taking this project global. We want to get a deeper, more thorough handle on what our clients in Japan and China expect from us, and how we can deliver. From these events we’ve learned a huge amount about what our clients need, how they see the state of the industry and what functionality we can bring that makes their jobs easier. Below is a selection of what we’ve gleaned so far:

  • We kicked off Project Think Tank by tackling the issue of ad spend. We suspected that per-campaign totals, which is all that networks would provide (or in some cases, that clients were being forced to scrape from partner dashboards) were limiting how actionable things like ROAS data could be. Our July 2017 Think Tank in San Francisco confirmed our suspicions, and lead to the creation of our Ad Spend API - an industry first. The API that allows partners to share per-device acquisition costs, which in turn gives Adjust the ability to provide accurate ROAS calculations and enables accurate segmentation of users based on ROI in our audience builder.
  • At our Think Tank event in Mallorca, Spain, we discussed Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), and we learned there’s no real consensus on what role MTA has in mobile attribution, and how it could be reported or visualized. Despite this, we dug deep and came up with some great ideas while gaining valuable insights from our clients. We’ll continue to address MTA with future think tanks (including our upcoming events in Tokyo.)
  • In Spain we discussed upcoming GDPR regulations with our clients. We learned that different clients want to handle GDPR in different ways, leading us down the path of providing a solution that gives our clients the ability to choose how they will handle personal user data, all the while upholding data privacy regulations.

With a successful year behind us, In 2018 we’re expanding the scope of Think Tank. We’ll continue to host events regularly in Europe and the United States, and we’ll also be rolling out the event across Asia, starting with discussing Temporary Attribution as well as Multi-Touch in Tokyo, this coming May.

Our goal is simple - harness the knowledge and know-how of our best and brightest clients in Japan and China and funnel that into our product development cycle, so we can make sure every feature we publish meets the demands of every mobile marketer the world over.

So watch this space, as we’ll be reporting back on our findings from the far East, and if you’re one of our many lovely clients in Asia, we might just be dropping by soon to hear what you have to say!

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