Blog Re-engagement and retargeting explained

Simon Kendall recently presented at the App Promotion Summit in London. Here he shares his favourite power marketing tools with us and explains what the ‘three Rs’ of re-engagement, retargeting and reattribution are.

As marketers look beyond the install at more sophisticated retention and re-engagement strategies, more than ever it becomes essential to have a holistic approach to attribution and analytics to allow for valid comparisons between the source of valuable users.

Simon cited his favourite tools as being:

  • Retargeting
  • Re-engagement
  • Full cohort analysis
  • Store analysis
  • Deep-linking
  • Smart redirects
  • Publisher IDs

“Retargeting and re-engagement are the current hot trends for getting more value out of existing users or segmenting and targeting specific users,” Simon said. “But what marketers often forget is that retargeting to connect with a latent user needs consistent re-attribution to make sense. Once a user is re-engaged, they need to be connected or attributed to the new advertising source.”

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