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Onboarding from home: getting started at Adjust during the COVID-19 pandemic

New starters at Adjust always partake in a full three-week onboarding process at the global headquarters in Berlin. Very important to the company, this program educates new employees on the product and ensures that the mobile industry and business are understood. It’s also designed to help new starters get to know other team members and get ready to start in their new roles. But when the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in March, the Adjust offices around the globe closed and all employees started to work from home. For new joiners, this meant that onboarding would also take place remotely. Instead of coming to Berlin to meet their fellow newbies and other members of the Adjust team, they’d be taking the three-week course from home via Zoom. We chatted with a couple of our new starters who have completed this process to see how they found it.

On the other side of the world in Seoul, Claire Kim recently joined Adjust as an Integration Engineer. Claire brings a wealth of mixed experience to her new role. She studied law and entrepreneurship and started her career as a content planner in a venture startup before joining the mobile ad industry. She was working for an Adjust partner, CAULY, before making the jump in April this year.

Remote onboarding and Adjust: Claire’s experience

1. When did you start your current role, and why did you choose to join Adjust?

I started at Adjust in April 2020. In my previous role at CAULY, I worked closely with the Adjust Integration team, and the team and company left a great impression on me. I started to think that Adjust could be a great place for me to expand on my professional skills and gain deeper insights into the industry. I also really wanted to belong to a group that would be able to help me navigate and leverage my skills, so I met with the team and talked about the atmosphere of the company. They gave me really detailed and frank answers, and I just thought “Yes, I’m in”.

2. How was your remote onboarding experience?

When I heard that I wouldn’t be able to go to Berlin, and that onboarding would be done remotely, I think I felt the same as everyone else - sad! But in the end, there were a few key factors that made the online onboarding go really smoothly. The sessions were very well prepared and organized, and the trainers and mentors themselves were highly engaged and just great.

3. Which tips would you give to newbies who are starting at Adjust during the pandemic?

There’s nothing to worry about! Just make sure you have good Wi-Fi and a strong internet connection.

4. How are Adjust and your team helping to facilitate the work-from-home (WFH) experience?

On the very first day when I joined the Slack channel, the first message I got was someone greeting me saying, “Hey Claire, welcome to the best team at Adjust!”. Everyone on my team is really supportive and happy to help. I’ve received a set plan for my work and expectations over the next three to six months, and receive step-by-step training. I’m always asked how I’m feeling and thinking about everything - it’s been a really amazing experience. We also received a €500 WFH allowance, which I found so helpful and really representative of how Adjust goes the extra mile.

Describe Adjust in either three words, or three #hashtags
I would say ‘you, me, and us’. What I feel so far is that Adjust respects who you are, which is based on this really great company culture. I can be me as I am, you can be you as you are, and I think that makes us, as Adjust.

Feeling inspired? Join the Adjust family!

Despite not being able to bring our new starters to Berlin, we’re now in our sixth month of remote onboarding and are still going strong. We’re continually looking for new talent and creative thinkers who are passionate about our industry to join our team. With offices in 16 cities around the world, we’ve got plenty of open positions that could suit you! Check out our careers page here. Even if you don’t find the perfect position, feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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