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From Berlin to Brazil: Ricardo’s employee story

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, Ricardo Feldman manages Adjust’s Latin American operations. He’s responsible for growing our client base in this rapidly developing and vibrant region, and it’s one he’s very proud to work in.

We sat down with Ricardo at Adjust’s recent Christmas Week - five days of Christmas celebrations and activities with the entire Adjust team - to learn more about his career path, what his day-to-day looks like, and why the Latin American market is so unique.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to work at Adjust?

I graduated from college with an advertising degree, then spent a few years working in advertising agencies - but the dream at the time was to run my own start-up. So I opened an SEM agency, and enjoyed doing that for around seven years.

But in 2011, mobile was taking off and I knew it was the future - I just had no experience in the area. I met a few people who were working at Brazil’s biggest mobile company, and after going in to speak to them, I ended up being offered a job there. It was a steep learning curve but a fantastic experience.

One of my colleagues became very successful - he had launched an app and made it big, and then decided to reinvest that money into building an ad network. I joined him on the adventure as CRO, where I started learning more and more about attribution. A big part of my job meant I was constantly in touch with mobile measurement partners (MMPs), which was where I came to know Adjust and built a good relationship with the team.

I especially admired all the work the company was doing to combat mobile ad fraud, and decided to transition from the network-side to MMPs. I wanted a similar start-up atmosphere and culture to what I was used to, and Adjust offered that as well. I joined in March 2016 and haven’t looked back.

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What does your day-to-day look like?

As Sales Director, my job is to go out and promote Adjust to the industry across Latin America. My days are a mixture of visiting clients and prospects, planning, and teaching about mobile attribution. I do a lot of talks at MMA and IAB events, too.

My team and I also go to quite a few conferences across the region. Some of these might involve speaking opportunities, which I love doing. Adjust has always made sure that I’m supported and confident enough to do these to my full potential, and I’ve taken many courses to help through Adjust’s in-house leadership academy.

My weeks are very dynamic, and I love that I’m always in and out of the office and meeting so many new people. In terms of colleagues, I work closely with our internal sales, account management, and marketing teams. I’m also constantly talking to Sales Directors in our other regions, to exchange learnings and feedback.

How does Adjust support you, being based so far from our headquarters in Berlin?

Despite the distance, I never feel out of the loop with news that comes from HQ or our other offices around the world. Adjust has a very flat, open structure, so it’s easy to talk to everyone, no matter what level or where in the world they’re based. Everyone is extremely quick at replying, too. My team - so all those supporting the LATAM market, across departments - is also constantly talking and meeting together, either online via Hangouts or face to face.

São Paulo is pretty much equidistant, travel-time, between Berlin and San Francisco - so it’s nice having the choice between offices if I need to come for training or Leadership Academy classes.

What interesting developments are happening in the LATAM region when it comes to mobile?

There’s huge potential for ad tech in LATAM - we haven’t even hit the half of what we can achieve there, so it’s very exciting.

For example, data plans used to be extremely expensive, meaning the majority of people only connected over WiFi (we actually have a term here in Latin America, “WiFieros”, for people who are desperate to connect over WiFi). But data plans are gradually getting cheaper, which means more and more usage, and greater opportunities for the entire mobile industry.

With more budget being allocated to mobile, companies are also starting to care about fraud a lot more. For mobile-first companies in particular, it’s become a big priority - and interest in prevention has skyrocketed.

We’re always on the lookout for great talent in LATAM, and we also have plenty of open positions, across our international offices - from Berlin to Beijing. Check them out here, or head over to our careers page to learn more about how we work.

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