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Launching in South Korea and Indonesia: Adjust expands East

We’ve already set up shop in São Paulo, Singapore, Paris and New York this year. And now Adjust are excited to announce that we’re settling down in two more locations - Seoul and Jakarta. With these two new offices we’re further expanding our presence across the globe, and are more able to provide localized services to our increasingly far reaching client base.

South Korea represents a vast and thriving app market, with mobile gaming alone at nearly $2B in sales. Furthermore, ecommerce revenue on mobile has surpassed that of desktop devices, taking over more than half of Korea’s $39B market. Josh Jang (Country Manager) and Jeenah Lee (Account Manager) head up our local office in the region.

Josh Jang had this to say on the news, “Korea is widely known as an IT-powerhouse, with the mobile app market already reaching a near-saturation point. It’s becoming critical for marketers to get a full understanding of their ad spending as the cost of user acquisition rises.” He continued to say that, “the new offices in Seoul represent a huge chance for adjust to grow in a highly developed app economy.”

In Indonesia, Joe Harahap leads sales. Among a client pool including Uber, Ebay and DBS as well as a long series of local clients, Indonesia presents huge potential growth for both the market, and for us. Of the new office, Joe had this to say: “Indonesia has always been a mobile-first market and now we’re seeing how industries in Indonesia start to see mobile apps as an important element to winning over customers. As a global player, we’re very happy to establish our presence in Jakarta and bring a solid solution for attribution and user retention analytics.”

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