Unbeatable conversions, and six other ways deep links improve user experience

James Haslam

Posted Oct 11, 2016

Did you catch our deep link guide? It’s pretty big news. We won’t give away too much, but if you want to find out more about deep links (and how people use them) then we’d recommend giving it a download. If you’ve already checked it out, you might have noticed that what we didn’t dwell all that long on the ways that deep links improve user experience (or UX). So we thought we’d make this short article, listing the key benefits of deep linking for UX.

1. Deep links are fast

A single click separates a user from your chosen destination. This means no signposting, no multiple guessed paths and no annoyed customers who can’t find the item they’re looking for.

2. Deep links create unbreakable user funneling

Reducing friction should never be overlooked - after all, they’re deep linking’s most powerful aspect. With deep links a user goes right where you want them. This means you can optimize campaigns around a single page, stage, or catalog without worrying about whether users can actually find what you want them to see.

3. Deferred deep links bolster UA campaigns

With deferred deep links your campaigns can acquire users and send them straight where you want them to, even if they don’t have an app. With these type of deep links, if a user clicks an ad but doesn’t have your app installed they can be sent to the store to download your app. Then, because the data from the click is logged, the user is automatically sent to the original destination. This amps your conversions and provides users with the content as soon as they open the app.

4. Deep links are customizable

When it comes to retargeting campaigns deep links come into a league of their own. They allow for specific actions against various cohorts, from different locales to more complex segmentation. Such examples include retention drop-offs or app purchases.

5. Deep links are perfect for SMS campaigns

You could be excused for overlooking the benefits of deep linking and its compatibility with text messages. Though the popularity of SMS is fading in many developed markets as they become superseded by other messaging services, in other locales texting is still popular. In these markets, being able to target users who have your app installed through SMS is a great combination, and could see a big rise in return to your app, as well as a boost in all kinds of performance metrics.

6. Deep links improve your attribution

In one action you can reduce your user acquisition cost, and also ensure that users go to where you want them to go (with a surefire way of knowing where they come from.)

7. Deep links convert better than any other link

Not only are deep links super smart, but their rates of conversion far surpass other links. With deep links you’re likely to see retention rates increase through their use, as well as heightened conversions. All you have to do is try them for yourself - and with adjust, that’s easy.

Did our list satisfy your curiosity? If not, it might be time to download our deep link guide, here.