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Out now! The Adjust Global App Trends Report 2019

2018 was the year that apps broke all the records.

The number of mobile subscriptions outgrew the global population, with 7.9 billion connections for 7.7 billion people. Mobile technologies and services generated more revenue than ever, at a value of $3.9 trillion globally, and mobile topped $188 billion in global mobile ad spend — the highest to date.

These standout figures, along with a host of new data discovered by Adjust, makes up the Adjust Global App Trends 2019 report, our latest resource to be released. Our new benchmarks cover the latest mobile app trends and performance from the year gone by, combining revealing data analysis with an insider’s take from leading industry experts.

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The report is drawn from data across the top 1,000 performing apps on the Adjust platform. This data set spans over 7 billion installs and 120 billion sessions, making up a truly unique picture of mobile apps in 2018. Download it today to find out how your app performs against the rest.

What’s in the Global App Trends 2019 report?

This year’s report covers installs, sessions, retention and marks the debut of our new Growth Index, which charts the rise of high-performing app categories including like Mid-Core gaming, and Video & streaming. Here’s a preview of just one chart:

Vertical app trends growth chart

In the report, we found that Mid-core games experienced massive growth in 2018. Achieving 18.52 on our Growth Index score, Mid-core gaming was the single fastest growing vertical this year. Mid-core games are also a more addictive app than others, receiving over three sessions per day on average. This is the second highest number of sessions, with only Dating apps receiving more engagement.

Verticals aren’t our only focus — we also found some key country growth trends in Southeast Asia, where markets such as Indonesia and Malaysia make up the fastest growing markets in the world — but you’ll have to download the report to get the real figures.

Download the Adjust Global App Trends Report 2019 today to read about mobile app trends, engagement and app retention for mobile apps, and get competitive insights on your own app’s performance.

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