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Out now! The Complete Guide to Growth Strategies for Mobile App User Acquisition

With the mobile ecosystem more competitive than ever, relying on search ads, SEO and ASO is often not enough if you’re aiming to maximise reach, scale, and ROAS.

To bring you all the insights you need to understand today’s mobile industry, leading app monetization experts ironSource have partnered with Adjust to create a report that highlights app industry user acquisition trends and strategies for staying ahead of the curve, focusing specifically on travel, music, shopping and news apps.

Get your copy of the report by clicking the button below, or read on for a teaser of what’s inside.

Key takeaways:

Low adoption rates for in-app ads by non-gaming advertisers

The vast majority of installs for non-gaming advertisers comes from social and search. Despite the benefits of diversifying supply, non-gaming brands are still slow to buy up inventory in-app, and eCommerce and Classified in-app ads are particularly rare. By ignoring the opportunities offered by in-app inventory, advertisers are missing an opportunity to ensure they have a broad marketing mix.

In-app ad networks provide great value

Figures from Adjust show that the types of users acquired from in-app ad networks compare favorably with users from search and social sources (you’ll have to download the report to see how favorably!). When you consider the relatively low cost to acquire users from in-app ad networks, it’s easy to see why a diversified approach can be very cost-effective. Whatever vertical you’re operating in, you should check the retention and LTV of users from different sources and try to keep your options open.

Learn how to maximise ROAS

With insights like the two above, and plenty more, the Complete Guide To Growth Strategies for Mobile App User Acquisition gives you plenty of guidance about how to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep your UA strategy broad while minimizing risks and maximizing returns. With data-led proof points and key marketing insights, this guide is a key tool for mobile marketers in every vertical.

Download your free copy of the report here today.

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