Blog The Fraud Prevention Suite turns 4!

“The bots shall prevail!” Dr. Blackbox declares in issue #4 of Liftoff’s Mobile Hero Comics — but that won’t happen if Adjust has anything to say about it.

Adjust launched the Fraud Prevention Suite four years ago today, “the first-ever set of filters that automatically prevent mobile ad fraud as it happens.” Since then, the amount of fake installs and other fraud Adjust has blocked has been rising. In 2019 alone, Adjust rejected nearly 200 million fraudulent app installs, saving clients a total of nearly half a billion ($450 million) in ad spend.

But that’s only one side of the story — the peace of mind that the Fraud Prevention Suite gives by allowing marketers to spend their budgets without fear of fraud (as well as ensuring their data, and decision making, stays clean) means for some, Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite has become an incredibly necessary piece in the attribution puzzle.

With fraud so widespread — the number of fraudulent apps alone is up 50%, infecting as many as 43 million Android devices — there’s also much harm in not taking a prudent approach. Fraudsters play a cat-and-mouse game: whenever a new method is detected and stopped, fraud evolves to stay one step ahead, and it’s up to a handful of industry players to do something about it.

Stopping fraud together

Adjust has led the way on a number of initiatives, including the Coalition Against Ad Fraud, that aims to bring together a group of industry leaders who pledge to tackle mobile ad fraud head-on. Now in its second year, CAAF goes from strength to strength, increasing its partner count, and soon to announce something very special, very soon.

Anti-fraud innovators

Adjust leads the pack not only by developing filtering techniques alongside partners such as Google, but by constantly innovating — either in its innovative developments, such as Click Validation or in our acquisition of Unbotify to take on in-app bot fraud, a recent but nefarious development.

Adjust’s Head of Fraud, Andreas Naumann, said this: “There’s still much more to accomplish, but we’re proud of our achievements in preventing ad fraud at the scale we have. Continuing to educate the market is our highest priority, to ensure that everyone has a degree of awareness about ad fraud.”

The key takeaway for marketers is to understand that ad fraud constantly evolves. Fraudsters are extremely skilled and are constantly developing new ways to spoof advertisers — so brands need to be one step ahead.

Fraud isn’t quite as simple to solve as unplugging the electricity on a fraudster’s operation, but with time, dedication, and by bringing the industry together, Adjust will continue to fight against fraud wherever it appears.

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