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Think Tank in the Big Apple: Talking temporary attribution

Project Think Tank continues to expand! Since last June we’ve been hopping across continents, bringing together leaders in mobile marketing to tackle the most pressing challenges facing our industry.

After kicking things off in California, heading south to Brazil and skipping across the pond to Europe, this spring we convened for the first time in New York to talk temporary attribution and new developments in mobile measurement with representatives from gaming, e-commerce, subscription verticals and more.

Our Think Tanks are a relaxed environment – think food and cocktails – where ideas can come to life. It’s a place where thoughts can not only be shared but challenged. In the end, Think Tank helps Adjust redefine the roadmap for mobile attribution and measurement.

Our attendees are at the top of their game – they’re marketing encyclopedias who use Adjust to reach aggressive goals. They’re looking at their best sources for driving user acquisition as well as those that drive higher LTV. They keep an eye on the in-app activities of those users. They have separate, dedicated budgets for acquisition and engagement campaigns. In short: they’re the best of the best. On one of New York’s first warm, spring nights, we gathered them at the Ace Hotel for signature drinks and a night of thoughtful discussion. Here’s a recap of what our Think Tankers had to say about temporary attribution:

Temporary attribution (or limited attribution) refers to time-limited attribution. Here’s an example of when that would come in handy: let’s say you have a hotel booking app and you’d like to run a campaign with a limited time offer. To test the efficacy of that campaign, you only want to pay for bookings that come in before the offer ends, and no bookings after a given deadline. No surprise then that the ability to set a temporary/limited attribution window is a sought-after feature for both engagement and retargeting campaigns.

Rebecca Nackson

Senior Director, Marketing, Bands in Town

What would this look like in the Adjust dashboard? How can Adjust make temporary/limited attribution as simple to use as our other features, like Audience Builder or the Fraud Prevention Suite? That’s up to us to figure out – and we’re up to the challenge.

We thank our participants for coming out to help us learn more about what they really need to keep performing at a high level and hope to update you all with some exciting developments in the coming months! An extra-special shoutout to Alex Potichnyj of Checkout 51, Ben Bullock of Spotify, Conner Cole of Ampush, Kristen Lu of FanDuel, Rebecca Nackson of Bands in Town, Rina Nagashima of IAC, Sabrina Gao of Dashlane, and Siberia Su of DraftKings.

Got ideas? If you’re interested in joining one of our Think Tanks, please get in touch with your Account Manager for more details. Think Tank is headed to Tokyo in May; check back in on the blog to read more about what we learn in our very first session there!

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