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Top agencies are using automation to add value for their clients

Mobile marketers in agencies are the ones who know best that, in mobile as much as the rest of the world, time is money. Deadlines are tight, standards are high and client expectations are higher. But the agencies that are really thriving — and offering a full scope of services to clients — are the ones that have embraced automation. Anyone with an agency background will be familiar with the struggle of knowing you can do more for your client, but you’re bogged down in the routine — and automation can solve this.

Sourcing, cleaning and organizing data can eat up nearly 80% of your time — time that could be better spent adding value for your client. And according to research from Adjust, the average marketer has to update over 250 distinct bids and spend limits, every day. That means even a moderate number of campaigns can become complex to keep updated.

With this in mind, automation becomes an obvious answer. We’ve spoken to some agency experts to get their insights into how you can make automation work for you and your clients.

Lightning-fast reports

Too much manual labor goes into paid advertising- and the more successful and diverse your campaign strategies become, the more cumbersome they become. That’s the opposite of how you should want to work.

Often, agencies can spend a large chunk of their time switching between multiple ad network dashboards, pulling reports and manually aggregating data to get a complete picture of overall campaign performance.

It's hard enough for in-house marketing managers, but multiply that by hundreds of campaigns spread across four or five different clients. You end up with a sprawling workload that gets more and more unmanageable as you continue to scale. All this fragmentation and points of contact keep marketers constantly jumping through hoops.

Multichannel mobile marketing is a labor-intensive practice. With so many manual touchpoints, it can lead teams to scale inefficiently to manage operations. However, by embracing automation, agencies can keep teams lean and still give their clients outstanding results.

Performance marketing agency Tinuiti are reaping the benefits of their foresight to get into automation early.

Refocus on optimization

GroupM Turkey, one of the biggest media investment companies in MENA, uses Adjust Automate with their clients to split their marketing budget across channels. They also saw that most of their time was spent creating daily reports. They turned to Adjust Automate to solve two problems: the difficulty in generating cross-app and cross-network reports and the difficulty in changing bids and budgets of campaigns across different channels.

A/B testing and innovation

A / B testing is a vital component of any mobile marketing strategy - and automation can help improve the process. By automatically segmenting users, you can check how different groups respond to your creatives or how users are responding to changes in your user interface. Using automation to build these audience groups is a crucial example of how marketers can save time on mundane tasks, and focus on results.

In an agency context, A/B testing serves as an important proof point for clients to see the value of your work — and that you take a data driven approach to ensuring results. Reducing the barriers to your ability to provide this service can pay dividends in terms of your offerings to clients.

Increased personalization

A recent Google study found that 90% of top marketers say personalization contributes significantly to business profitability. However, this can only be achieved, at scale, with automation. It’s also an area where in-house teams may not have the capacity or capability to provide the level of personalization that is required for maximum results — so it’s a clear area where agencies can provide added value.

For example, creatives are a way to connect your clients to their audience. But the sheer number of variables involved (delivering the right ad to the right user at the right time) makes hitting the right note an impossible task — at least for humans. With automation, you have the opportunity to put yourself to the test by combining channel creatives at unprecedented speed to find the best fit. And again — all this data is measurable, with a clear way to calculate ROI and lift, which is all invaluable information for your clients.

If you are interested in finding out how automation can help your agency and clients do more, read more about Adjust Automate here.

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