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How do you launch an app in a country you’ve never set foot in? There’s a flurry of questions to answer at the outset - which parts of your mobile ad campaign do you localize for a given market? How do you optimize for the App Store? Are there benchmarks you can expect for a given market? We recently spoke with Grégoire Mercier, the CEO of ROI-focused mobile agency Addict Mobile to discuss how to launch apps in Western countries.

We caught up with Rakesh Ramesh, Digital Marketing Director at Careem, the Middle East’s largest taxi service, about his experience working with Adjust. When Rakesh first joined Careem back in 2015 they weren’t tracking any of their mobile activity, and they weren’t heavily investing in mobile marketing at all. Now, with 50 percent of their installs coming through paid channels, mobile tracking and fraud prevention are vital in helping them scale. And with over 500m in funding, there’s no stopping them.

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