Coming soon! Our primer on Travel app performance

James Haslam

Feb 6, 2020

What’s that on the horizon? Adjust’s Travel Trends Report 2020 is on its final approach and primed to deliver marketers top industry insights into travel booking and urban mobility. And there’s a special partner along for the ride, pairing exclusive industry data with Adjust’s latest retention, growth and paid app figures covering the entirety of 2019. Keep your eyes on Adjust’s blog for the announcement, or sign up to our mailing list below to be the first to know.

Below we’ve collected the critical Travel app stats to put our report into a global context, so you’re not flying blind when you get your copy of the report:

Travel app stat pack

  • Going places: The U.S. National Travel & Tourism Office recorded a 7.4% increase in international travelers, with 76 million people taking a trip outside U.S. borders in 2019.
  • And going mobile: In July 2019, eMarketer predicted that, “mobile will account for 70.1% of travel ad spend this year and 72.1% in 2020.”
  • The real cost of travel: Think With Google found that “a trip was the largest discretionary purchase last year according to nearly 60% of leisure travelers.”
  • APAC focus: “Asia-Pacific captured a major share of the market accounting for more than 70% of the global motorcycle/bike taxi market in 2018,” according to Mordor Intelligence.
  • Enjoy the ride: global consultancy McKinsey revealed that “half of surveyed passengers enjoy ride shares for social outings. More than half of riders reported that they love the conversations they have with drivers.”
  • Rules of the road: McKinsey also covered the effect of local regulation on micromobility: “Shared-micromobility regulatory development remains fragmented globally, regionally, and even on a city level. Some cities, such as London, remain highly restrictive, while others, such as Portland, Oregon, are not.”
  • Climate concerns: Reuters notes that “one in five travelers is flying less” thanks to climate concerns. In Germany, flying between cities fell 12% year-on-year.

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