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Out now! Learn why the first Indonesian Travel Unicorn picked Adjust as their attribution provider

Not every app has a userbase the size of a small country with the potential reach of a massive one. But, when you’re Traveloka, an Indonesian-based Travel app with download figures in the tens of millions, the right attribution provider can make or break your marketing.

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Traveloka is the leading Southeast Asia travel company that provides a wide range of ‘experience products’ and services in one platform, empowering users to discover the world around them. The company began working with Adjust as far back as 2015. Since then, they’ve leveraged attribution to scale their marketing, and have navigated a packed field to becoming Indonesia’s first Travel Unicorn (reaching over $1 billion in valuation). Our latest case study reveals the strategy behind the scale.

Working together to scale

Traveloka leveraged Adjust data to create its own internal data models with callback data. This sophisticated technology helps to increase the likelihood of a purchase, and optimize new pricing models to improve marketing efficiency by as much as 30%. With Adjust, Traveloka established a holistic marketing plan across platforms, while experiencing phenomenal growth along the way.

Our latest case study covers both the data points to know and the story behind Traveloka’s marketing success. Click here to get the case study now.

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