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TV app tracking: Insider tips from our webinar with wywy

If you’re running TV placements for your app, how can you see the number of installs driven by those ads? We recently spoke to our friends at wywy, whose mission is to maximize TV advertising ROI, about how marketers and television advertisers can get the most out of their campaigns. To connect the dots between mobile and TV attribution, Christopher Wendels, Head of Product at wywy, spoke with Marius Misiunas, one of Adjust’s integration engineers. Below are some of the highlights of their conversation. Read more to find out how you can interpret your own results to optimize your next TV campaign for maximum app installs, or watch to the webinar in its entirety here.

What do you look for when optimizing a TV campaign?

Christopher: Generally, we always like to compare weekdays, hours, TV creatives and TV channels; what we’re looking for are larger claims. So we’re rarely looking at the day of the single airing level, (although that can be useful information to identify really good shows or particularly responsive placements). But just to take one example here, when we talk about optimizing and shifting our budget, what we want to look at is the cost per install. We want to be moving from a low cost per install to a high cost per install. So anything where we have expensive TV placement and we have a low number of installs - that’s sort of a red flag that we’re trying to look out for.

One good example is we had a food delivery service that we worked with in the US, and what was really clear was that their best-performing TV slot for primetime, so they got the most installs during primetime, but from a cost perspective (what they were paying per TV ad) the most efficient placements that they had were actually early afternoon. So we definitely recommend not just looking at the absolute numbers, but taking the cost data for the different types of bookings and the different channels into account to see how the next TV flight, or how the next TV booking can be improved.

Let’s say I have Adjust installed, I have wywy, and I have a TV commercial that’s airing. How much time would it take me to get this TV integration set up?

Christopher: That is a really good question. I’m happy to say we have a really quick turnaround. So if you’re already using Adjust and you have an agreement set up with wywy, the turnaround time for a new TV campaign is a business day. The setup is literally a five-minute job, and the best part is you only need to do it once. Once you’re set up with your customer ID and the Adjust plugin is set up, everything is automated from that point forward.

Say that app is downloaded but you don’t see a subscription right away. How would that work and is that still counted by Adjust as a successful download?

Marius: What we would record specifically is what is tracked from Adjust’s perspective––the app install. We cannot really track app downloads from the app store…the first step we track for every user is not the app download but the first opened––or as we call it, app install. Meaning that as you provide an example, even if a user downloads the app, if he opens the app we already have an install there and assuming that there’s a registration or anything else that. Let’s say if there’s any reason a user would like to uninstall the app afterward, the install would already be tracked.

Do you have any best practices of TV creatives? Are there some things that perform better than others and lead to high traffic and higher app installs versus other creatives?

Christopher: Yes, there are certainly best practices, but it also depends on a lot of things like what kind of a product are you advertising, what are you selling and what is your industry. A couple of things I can mention that we have noticed with clients––the clearer the call to action, the better the impact is. Make it easy for the user to know what to search for (I say what to search for because search is one of the strongest drivers of web traffic). Even if you’re advertising your own brand, you have ‘your brand name dot com’. People are still going to Google the brand name to get to your site.

What we also have seen is that there is a trade-off between length of creative and cost of creative. If you have a 15-second ad and it cost maybe two-thirds of a 30-second ad, it may have the same performance, a better performance in terms of cost than the longer ad time.

What happens in this scenario - someone sees a TV ad and then goes to the app store page of that particular app but then doesn’t download and install the app until days later?

Marius: When the integration itself is enabled between Adjust and wywy, every organic user or every organic install, we don’t find engagements at that track point in time for is being sent to wywy for analysis from their perspective. I mentioned wywy has the seven days of the window to report back to us with the attribution information which obviously afterward will be placed under wywy and displayed in our dashboard, in the sense that you can monitor and see how active your users are coming from the TV advertising campaigns. So answering the question shortly would be seven days.

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