Blog Adjust integrates with Twitter to provide new mobile app conversion tracking (MACT)

Adjust integrates with Twitter to provide new mobile app conversion tracking (MACT)

We’re proud to announce that we’re an official Twitter mobile measurement partner for the new app install ads.

We’re been working with Twitter on an integrated measurement solution for Twitter’s Mobile App Conversion Tracking (MACT) feature as a part of the Ads API program. Our clients will now be able to effectively measure the success of Twitter app marketing campaigns for iOS and Android.

Twitter joins over 200 of our partners, including Facebook, Upsight, Tapjoy, Chartboost, Trademob and Mixpanel, who are integrated with adjust’s platform.

The MACT is a great development since many app publishers are looking for more sophisticated marketing techniques, such as using Twitter’s established platform to target specific users and re-engage dormant users.

We’ve had an unbelievable amount of requests to track Twitter ever since rumors began to emerge about their new ad features and now clients will be able to measure the effectiveness of their download or re-engagement campaigns from ads that operate through Twitter App Cards.

Twitter App Cards promote mobile applications on Twitter and help drive installations. The App Cards allow for a name, description and icon, and also highlight rating and price. App Cards can be attached to organic or promoted tweets.

We’re able to attribute installs and subsequent user in-app activity to the original ad source, so app marketers know where their most valuable users come from. Our post-install KPIs and cohort analyses enable them to compare campaigns. Essential app store stats such as rankings and reviews add a new dimension, giving an overview of how their app marketing is really performing.

Cohort analysis groups users together by common criteria such as the install time, making comparisons between users more valid. KPIs such as sales, events and sessions, for example, can then be normalized over the lifetime of the user.

Our initial beta tests with selected app publishers have produced excellent tracking results. With an easy to use, real-time dashboard and a variety of reporting options, advertising dollar transparency and accountability couldn’t be simpler.

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