Blog Happy birthday CAAF: The coalition’s strongest year to date

Happy birthday CAAF: The coalition’s strongest year to date

On September 19, 2017 we launched the Coalition Against Ad Fraud — known as CAAF. And we’re happy to celebrate a second anniversary for an initiative that is still going strong.

CAAF has grown from a handful of partners determined to take a stand against mobile ad fraud to a healthy alliance of networks all over the world — with more being added every quarter.

Alongside growth, CAAF has strengthened the industry’s knowledge of the problem with several events designed to educate the ecosystem on the problems of fraud. The latest, CAAF’s annual meet up on October 8, focused on third-party fraud tools and the 2020 roadmap. Those are all the details we can share — join us if you’d like to learn more.

Through our combined efforts, CAAF members have sharpened focus on our main goal: to end ad fraud for good.

Click Validation

2019 saw the release of Click Validation, an industry upset that saw strong adoption from CAAF members. The solution is designed to match impression data to clicks, legitimizing activity. Click Validation has the ability to change ad fraud for good — wiping out serial methods of fraud once and for all.

“Click Validation has seen some strong early adoption,” says Andreas Naumann, Adjust’s Head of Fraud, “with CAAF partners such as ironSource, CrossInstall and Moloco helping us to bring back transparency to the industry.”

For more, read our blog post here.

Welcoming two new members

We’re thrilled to add Tapjoy and Edge to the group. In 2019, we added five new partners in total, including Taptica, CrossInstall, and Mobrand. See what the new members had to say below:

Sarah Chafer

We are extremely proud to be an official member of the Coalition Against Ad Fraud program. Our focus at Tapjoy is to combat mobile ad fraud by implementing stringent quality standards to maintain a trusted and premium ad platform for our global partners. We commend Adjust for leading the industry forward to ensure a transparent & brand-safe ecosystem for all players.

Yoav Kirmayer

Edge is excited to join Adjust's Coalition Against Ad Fraud (CAAF). As a partner, we have always been at the forefront of the mobile advertising industry and have dedicated ourselves to becoming leaders in the fight against ad fraud. The CAAF will provide us with the opportunity to expand our knowledge base on ad fraud and provide us with solutions to continually evolve our own mobile fraud prevention tools. Together we will effectively and proactively tackle any emerging forms of ad fraud.

Advertisers can join CAAF too

In 2018 we opened CAAF to advertisers, adding more powerful voices into the mix to call for more action on fraud in the industry.

If you’d like to learn more, check out our CAAF page here. Contact us via the link if you want to join — we’d be pleased to have you!

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