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Check out our new guide to Unbotify: Anti-bot protection for apps of all kinds

Adjust acquired Unbotify, the first fraud solution of its kind, in early 2019. Since then, Unbotify was released as a standalone solution to tackle the next wave of fraudulent attacks, before joining Adjust’s full product suite later in the year. To support the new venture we’ve created the Unbotify Guide, which gives a look into the scope of the problem as well as revealing the most vulnerable app categories out there. The guide equips you to stand your ground with advice on how and why Unbotify is the only solution primed to beat the bots. Read an excerpt below.

A fresh approach to fighting bots

The biggest challenge faced by solutions trying to detect bot fraud is a lack of data that effectively identifies and differentiates between human activity and bots. Such understanding requires years of research, sophisticated data sets and machine learning combined into one solution.

Out-of-date methods tend to focus on so-called "service interaction," which refers to the requests bots make to your server. This typically doesn't contain a lot of information that distinguishes between a human and a bot. Fraudsters know this well and have learned how to spoof various signals, circumventing many forms of ad fraud detection and prevention.

Yaron Oliker

CEO, Unbotify

In these conditions, the market needs a fresh solution. One that brings a sophisticated approach that handles the new challenges of mobile, and is trusted by the largest online enterprises around. That’s where sensor data comes in.

Sensor data is extremely difficult to fake — tracking everything that happens to a device, such as screen interaction and device orientation. Fraudsters have an incredibly hard time trying to spoof sensor data, and if they did, Unbotify would be able to catch them with ease.

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