Blog Years of change: Yagiz's Employee Story

Yagiz is an Adjust veteran. Berliner for over 2 years, and with plenty more experience in mobile, he’s full of knowledge on the tech that drives Adjust. In our interview, we found out more about Yagiz's professional development at Adjust, and how he made the move from Account Management to becoming one of the first Sales Engineers.

I joined Adjust in 2015 as an Account Manager for the MENA region. I was very excited to get the role, as I knew that Adjust was already a success story with a lot positive buzz. However, when I began I wasn't as technically minded as I am now. Comparing Adjust with other tech companies you'll find that account managers are bred to be highly technical in order to understand the reasons for client issues. This includes knowing every part of the product. So, when I began it was a race to get to know as much as possible. Fortunately, the onboarding process and the colleagues I work with have always been very educational, and since it was a small team the learning process was really quick, and it didn't take me long to feel comfortable in my own shoes again.

Once you have acquired a lot of knowledge about the product you're a real asset to clients - all our Account Managers are. At that point, you can start to apply the other skills you brought with you that made you a good fit for Adjust in the first place. When I started to think about how else I could really help the company, I looked to my previous experience in mobile. Prior to joining Adjust I was working for a large media planning agency, where I looked after mobile-focused clients. Three years of media experience with telco companies meant that I could bring a new function to Adjust, with a focus on enabling mobile technologies to be a core part of the mobile ecosystem. From all my experience I knew the pain points on the agency side well and I also knew client needs deeply from working at Adjust; the main one being this: if you don't construct everything well from the very beginning, it slows clients marketing and growth, potentially meaning missed KPIs.

With these skills and experiences in mind, and after a year of account management success, I was ready to add something more to the company, and that took the form of moving into another role. That, as it is now, is the role of Sales Engineer.

As a Sales Engineer, my responsibility and aim is to make our clients lives easier. I'm sort of like a consultant, providing new clients a service that helps to decide their marketing KPI’s and strategy, so we can help them reach their goals together. The most important part of this is to configure the setup, and define the needs with a collaborative approach, as well as acting as the bridge between mobile marketers and the developer teams. Our guide on how to migrate new clients essentially outlines the process (and you can read it here.)

I'd never guessed that I’d be responsible for such a crucial role in the success of our clients, and I’m very motivated to see the results and impact this has had on such a rapidly growing company. When I joined there were 60 of us, and now we’re more than 180 - and no, I'm not taking responsibility for it! But it's very exciting to see how we continue to evolve and grow.

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