adjust is the place where your ideas are valued and become reality. We love simplicity, direct communication, ambition, teamwork, responsibility, development beyond yourself, and constructive feedback.

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Average Age

Getting started

New to the city?

We'll assist you with relocation, flat hunting, registration, bank accounts and health insurance.

No place to stay?

No worries. We'll book you accommodation for your first few weeks in town.

Onboarding sessions

We give you insights into the advertising and mobile industry and supply you with the knowledge you need to excel. Our Onboarding program with internal trainers starts at the beginning of each month and runs you through all important aspects of Adjust.

New in the country?

We'll support you with visa applications, work permits or residence permits – and we'll help you survive German bureaucracy.


A mentor will guide you through your first few weeks to introduce you to the secrets of the business and show you how at least 1 of our 5 coffee machines work.

Employee Stories

"Our annual retreat is one of Adjust’s most widely-anticipated events, so it’s great to plan it all. To date, we’ve taken employees to Mexico, Thailand, the Dominican Republic and Mauritius."

Magdalena Opitz, Global Director of Events

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We’re a superstar employer according to Glassdoor!

Check out our stellar rating on Glassdoor, a website that allows past and present employees to review companies, their culture and their management.

We achieve great things thanks to our employees who make Adjust special.

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Lifelong learning

Onboarding sessions

We give you insights into the advertising and mobile industry and supply you with the knowledge you need to excel.

Language classes

Join German lessons in small groups at our Berlin office, all the way to certification or benefit from private lessons to polish your business language.

Further education

Go to the conferences you want to and undertake any training you find interesting; buy any books and licenses you need.

Weekly talks

Each week an adjuster gives the team insight into a new topic – your coworkers explain everything from working to command line to how advanced medical technology works.

Health benefits

We give you the best equipment that money can buy. Our MacBooks are paired with big Thunderbolt Displays, making your eyes happy; your mouse and keyboards come with your preferred languages and all required licenses. Each desk is height-adjustable – but feel free to hit the couch or hammock every now and then, to save your back.

Our Berlin team benefits from Occupational Health Insurance on top of their regular health insurance coverage including generous allowances for vision, dental, remedies and non-medical practitioners. No chance of back pain or tired eyes!

Our US team receives a full package of medical and social insurance, including vision, dental care and 401K plan, that can be individually customized. They also receive Free Gym Reimbursement and Commuter Benefits.

Our Chinese team members receive an annual medical allowance of 800.00 RMB and locals are given a housing fund of 7%.

Flexible working hours & holidays

Productive hours differ individually. That’s why you're welcome to show up in the office whenever you're ready for it.

Plumber coming to your flat, or cable guy arriving "between 9am and 6pm" and nobody else is there to let them in? Just stay at home and work remotely.

Thirsty, low blood sugar, empty fridge?

Fear not! Different drinks, fruits, snacks, and breakfast are waiting to be consumed in our kitchen.

Looking for lunch? Our airy and open kitchen is the place to cook: we make healthy lunches together on a daily basis. Pedro’s Portuguese chicken is not to be missed.

Team spirit

Thank God it’s Friday

On Fridays we have weekly team lunch: sushi, African or Asian soups, bolognese or tasty German specialities, whatever you feel like. Vegan? We've got you covered.

International after work dinner

Every now and then, adjusters cook dinner for their coworkers representing their national cuisine.

You just can’t sit still?

Adjust invites you to participate in the company run, pays your ticket to wallow in mud at Tough Mudder and offers you victory at the volleyball game. Moreover, our Adjust-colored company bikes take you wherever you want to go.


You don't believe us? Follow us on Instagram or check out our employees' pictures under the company hashtag #adjustlife.


Office Exchange

Our teams have the possibility to work few weeks from one of our satelite offices, working side on side with international colleagues and enjoying the local life of either San Francisco, Berlin or Tokyo.

Check out the impressions of Dennis, our Backend Developer based in Berlin, on his exchange weeks in San Francisco.

Company Retreats

We regularly go on company retreats to sunny places. It's the best way to meet up, review and celebrate the past, and charge new energies for the future. Cocktails in the sun with your team included.

Coder's Retreats

Our tech team enjoys twice-yearly, week-long retreats to work on open-source projects, refactor a little, soak up some sun and just enjoy a proper beer together.


Berlin is the the driving hub of the company: it's starting point of the Adjust success story, where the company was founded in April 2012. Berlin is where our product has been developed and gets improved every day, where our unforgettable events go down, and where every new team member comes to learn about the company. Berlin is the place to be – open-minded spirits, a thriving music and arts scene, and an affordable European quality of life.

Our satelite offices are our subsidiaries for the local markets, run by experts in sales and client support.