Business intelligence
for mobile apps is a business intelligence platform combining a reliable, open-source SDK with
sophisticated analysis and market data – driving modern mobile business. uses a sophisticated, open-source SDK to capture data from your app. With free event tracking, you can analyze as high resolution as you like – our clean, lean analytics SDK won’t give you any headaches.

Segment your incoming traffic by marketing source and analyze exactly how well it performs. servers make sure your suppliers are kept in sync for optimization. Never integrate a network SDK again. provides leading cohort analysis to compare lifetimes from different groups of users. How do users engage with your app? How do they react to new features or services? Are you hitting your goals, and in which segments? What marketing channels work best for your app?

Deeper Insights Into App Performance

The dashboard gives you real-time click, install and event data on each of your marketing sources, together with metrics like user lifetime, MAUs, one-time-user rate, retention, and scores of others.


Real time KPIs, shown for each marketing source, timespan and cohort, give you exact insights into your app.


Tired of bulky, uninformative visuals? Seamlessly filter and analyze developments over time with beautiful, responsive graphs.


Measure in-app behavior in as much detail as you like –
events are always free. One simple line to notify our servers.


Users aren’t one big group – they are part of cohorts at different stages of their lifespan. Compare not just snapshots of time, but entire lifespans.

Open Source

We stick to open source and transparent development, so that you can see exactly what you're asking your apps to do. SDKs should be a straightforward tool for your business - not a necessary evil.

Smart SDK

Our SDK was developed with reliability, robustness and transparency in mind. Features like local aggregation, event buffering, SSL connections, and offline tracking keep your analytics as unobtrusive as possible. We run our own cutting-edge mean machine servers with 99.9% uptime - and in the spirit of transparency, check it out.


We grew up serving some of the largest household brands and public corporations in the world. We have now ensured that our solution is available for app businesses of any size that share the same high standards.

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Trusted Privacy - geprüfter Datenschutz - ePrivacyseal


adjust is certified by leading industry organizations for maintaining complete compliance with the strictest EU and German privacy standards.


We provide the analytics – you own the data. Easily configured callbacks sync up your data and allow you the freedom to export it, work with it as you choose and send it wherever you need.

Seamless Integration offers effortless, dynamic integration with any network, providing real-time conversion data. No time wasted waiting – just send networks your tracker link, and they can add their postbacks right on the click. We have certified over 100 networks, including Trademob | InMobi | AdKnowledge | Tapjoy


As a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, we provide you with performance metrics on installs driven by your Facebook ads. Always get up-to-date support of Facebook’s latest ad features.

Markets At Hand

We run our own app market analysis, analyzing your rankings across the globe, crunching the sentiments of your reviews - and giving you all the store data right in your dashboard.


We’re here to help you through the long haul.

No exorbitant minimum fees. 30-day free trial. Free event tracking. Organic traffic is free of charge. Our services start at € 100, and scale directly in relation to how much marketing you run.

We make data work for you

adjust is a fast growing outfit based in the heart of Berlin, Germany, and right on Market Street in San Francisco. Our international team comes from backgrounds in app development and mobile advertising with decades of experience between them working with mobile from the outset.

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