Create the best in-game experience by discovering how your users play

The first step to increasing player retention and boosting LTV is recognizing patterns among the users who love your games. Deep linking that sends your users to the right level, mobile ad fraud prevention and a high-powered dashboard to show you who’s powered up - are just a few of the tools that will help get you there.

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The main benefit we get is showing our ads to users that we know are valuable.

Jeff Durian

VP Marketing & Ad Monetization, Kongregate

It can be hard for user acquisition managers to differentiate between install attribution providers given the similar feature sets. Adjust sets itself apart with its excellent account management team. Integrations with new partners are always quick and painless thanks to their knowledgeable support and quick responses.

John Parides

Head of User Acquisition, Glu

The partner setup takes me two seconds - it’s one click in the dashboard, and I’ve got a new segment for a new partner. Since the network integration is handled entirely by the network, it’s completely frictionless.

Juha Matikainen

General Manager Finland, Seriously

We never expected the numbers to be that high, because we work with really reputable networks. I wished we’d had this when we were working with over 100 networks and deciding which ones to cut – it would have made that whole process a lot easier.

An Vu

Mobile User Acquisition Lead, Rovio


Find out where your most valuable gamers come from

Find your biggest whales no matter where they come from - organic, social or paid campaigns. Adjust lets you plug into 900 partners around the world, then filter your results into a single dashboard. Discover your most successful channels with four levels of granularity to find the path that drives the most in-app purchases.


Use analytics to optimize user behavior

Learn how your gamers play with your app to delivering an exceptional experience. Do they trade their gold for the sword or the crossbow? How many friends did they invite? With Adjust, you can discover hourly data trends and tie it back to the marketing channel your players came from. Invest in the messages that bring you value.

Audience Builder

Target and engage your best users

No one really likes to share their secrets - that’s why we created Audience Builder. It gives you complete control over the data you share with your partners. Create custom segments based on your actual user data, whether it’s gold spent, session frequency, location, or a custom event you design yourself. Download segments with a click of a button to send targeted push or in-app messages, or upload lists to any retargeting partner without the need to share everything.

See what Adjust can do for you

TV Tracking

Measure the impact of television on mobile

Gaming goes hand in hand with television. Attribution across multiple platforms means that you can work with our TV tracking partners directly in your dashboard and follow your users as they make the jump from screen to smartphone.

Fraud Prevention

Trust your campaign results

Adjust is the only mobile attribution software that prevents mobile app fraud. Our Fraud Prevention Suite gives you the power of real-time receipt validation, so your data and revenue numbers are never distorted by fake in-app payments. Instead, we immediately reject the purchases. Purchase Verification data is seamlessly integrated directly into our dashboard for even more insights; you'll never pay for a phony install again.

Data Security

You own your data

Data privacy – it’s important to us, and we know it’s important to you, too. That’s why we believe in following the strictest data privacy laws in the world and passed rigorous criteria to earn the ePrivacy seal. Adjust is built with your security in mind.

Global leaders in game development rely on Adjust

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