Understand the journey your users take before they set sail and optimize your mobile performance.

Travelers use mobile apps to make informed decisions about flights, research destinations and hail taxis. Pinpoint their actions in real time, create personalized offers and set deep links to retain your highest-value users.w

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With Adjust, we can track and measure whatever we want in real time. It's a fully flexible solution that gives us insight beyond just click and install: we can investigate all our downstream events and optimize towards our goals.

Brian Han

Director of User Acquisition, Hotel Tonight

I like working with Adjust for two reasons: the first is the simplicity of the tool, and the second is the accessibility of the account managers.

Ivan de Quercize

Mobile Channels Lead, BlaBlaCar

As we started scaling marketing, we were able to see the impact from different channels. This made our budgeting exercise easier and faster. With Adjust analytics we started shifting budgets across channels and were able to measure meaningful KPIs.

Christian Eid

VP Marketing, Careem

Adjust has built a very solid bridge between partners in an extremely fragmented mobile marketing ecosystem. Being integrated with all major traffic providers, Adjust gives us an opportunity to setup and start running campaigns in no time. A complete collaboration between advertisers and publishers allows us to optimize towards our targets, and brings more transparency into the market overall.

Mariya Katernyak

Mobile Marketing Lead, GoEuro


Tell users everywhere that you can take them anywhere

Plug your marketing campaigns into any publisher and measure them all in one place. Adjust streamlines the data from all your campaigns - across any partner – no matter where you advertise. Work directly with over 900 networks and counting, and start measuring your installs and engagements with bulletproof accuracy

Deep Linking

Seamless UX and powerful brand experiences, from ad click to app open

Whether you’re promoting a custom offer, an incentivized referral, or a voucher, Adjust technology gives you the tools you need to deliver a smooth experience. With deep linking, you can use standard and deferred deep links to send users directly to any location inside of your app, even after download.


Analyze your users in-app and cross-platform

Everyone is headed somewhere; your app is key to making it happen. Measure how your users get value from your app - your best push notifications, deals, and video or TV ads - to deliver an exceptional experience and increase your overall ROI. Adjust Analytics lets you drill down into hourly data trends, retention and revenue metrics, so you can invest in the right messages.

See what Adjust can do for you

Audience Builder

Reach the right travelers at the right time

Group your high-value users based on any attribute from bookings to location with custom segments. A/B test different creatives, deliver unique messaging and keep your users activated. Download segments with one click to send targeted notifications, or upload lists to any retargeting partner without compromising sensitive data.

Fraud Prevention

Stop mobile ad fraud before it starts

We’re here for you when you’re ready to scale up. Our Fraud Prevention Suite helps protect your budget and gives you the security to work with any partner you want. We’ll deliver clean data sets because we’ll only ever credit legitimate users.

Data Security

You own your data

Your users trust you to get where they’re going - never put them or their data at risk. Adjust was built with your security in mind. We believe in following the strictest data privacy laws in the world and passed rigorous legal and security audits to earn the ePrivacy Seal. Adjust gives you total control over your data, without ever taking a holiday.

Global leaders in travel trust Adjust

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