Help your clients succeed.

Go beyond the install to ensure your client’s long-term prosperity. Lower the CAC and CPA of your next campaign. Attribution and in-app event tracking reveal the highest-value users to target. Adjust delivers clean data you can trust in a streamlined dashboard that makes communicating with partners a snap.

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Bring your web and mobile marketing efforts together

Connect important data points between platforms and tell a cohesive story to your users. Increase your client's ROI through deeper customer insights – find the best time to engage and target customers on the platform where they spend the most.


Activate your customer data with segments

Segment your users using the Audience Builder to quickly and easily identify your target groups. We give you complete control of the data you share with your partners as well as the flexibility to create unlimited segments based on your own KPIs and goals.

Deep Links

Build a seamless path from click to install

Drive installs with personalized deep links that create a seamless brand experience. Make it a friction-free journey and take users straight into your app. Use deferred deep linking to help them land on the right app store or content page every single time.

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TV Tracking

Measure the impact of television on mobile

Programmatically sync your television advertising to mobile and analyze results directly in the Adjust dashboard. Measure your key KPIs alongside all your other campaigns to make stronger decisions based on real-time data.

Fraud Prevention

Trust your revenue numbers

Say goodbye to mobile ad fraud. The Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite stops fraudulent traffic from being attributed to paid channels. The security of real-time protection lets your clients rest easy. Never pay for falsified information, and only analyze legitimate customers who are interested in your client's app.

Data Security

Keep your clients' data safe

Adjust follows the strictest data privacy laws in the world, and we passed rigorous security audits to prove it. Your clients can determine custom privacy settings and know exactly who can access their data because we were built with your security in mind.

The world’s biggest agencies work with Adjust

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