App measurement: Why marketing leaders choose Adjust over AppsFlyer

No limits to data access

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Proactively fight ad fraud

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Automate marketing campaigns

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Don’t let a lack of data frustrate your marketing efforts. With Adjust, you’ll never be hit with hidden costs if you try to increase your calls per day, or extend the lookback window of your Pull API.

  • Offers unlimited callbacks and access to data, no matter your pricing plan

  • Gives you as many custom parameters as you need, at no extra cost

  • Offers real-time callbacks to S3 bucket or any other BI endpoint; you retain control


  • Limits callbacks and data access depending on the package size

  • Provides a maximum of 10 free custom parameters

  • Manages your S3 bucket; receiving real-time callbacks to your BI will cost you more

We believe your data is your data. Why should you be charged extra to access it?

Transparent pricing, no hidden fees or surprises

Award-winning same-day, localized support

Award-winning same-day, localized support

Unmatched data infrastructure

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