Jun 9, 2017

A follow-up on our recent server outage

During the server outage, one of the fallouts of the event was the inability for our servers to receive clicks. The result of this was that we couldn't make attributions to clicks during the downtime, or even after.

We were able to mitigate this issue with attributions that occur with self-attributing networks shortly after the server outage. Now, with this update, we’ve been able to accept clicks from regular networks as well.

Soon you’ll see that some of your data will have updated, and some organic attributions will have returned to normal, lowering from the increase that would have been created during the outage.

The knock-on effect of this could be a change in network invoicing. As some paid install traffic was marked as organic during the outage, with the update a portion of that will be corrected. For June invoices, some ad networks could recuperate the cost of this change.

Keep an eye on Product Updates for more information as it happens, and if you have any questions please contact us for further clarification.