Aug 2, 2018

Adding Advertising IDs in Uninstall Callbacks

Clients who’ve activated uninstall and reinstall tracking will now be able to receive matching advertising IDs, saving the time and energy needed to build up a database of ADIDs.

This means that with uninstall enabled, when an uninstall occurs, an advertising ID is now included within the callback. The same already occurred for reinstalls and reattributed reinstalls.

This change affects both clients and partners. Before this update, clients and partners could only receive Adjust’s ADID in their callbacks. This meant that they would need to perform their own ID matching, essentially having to build their own database in order to match the IDs sent by Adjust to their own. We’ve saved them from that hassle, creating a method to provide the advertising ID directly via callbacks.

For Adjust clients, this feature is available to anyone who has activated uninstall and reinstall tracking. Get in contact if you’d like to know more about what these features can help you achieve.

We've updated our placeholders page to reflect the change.