Feb 14, 2018

Additional timestamps in callbacks for Google data

With the release of Google’s new Referrer API we’ve created extra placeholders in our callbacks to handle new forms of data critical to mobile marketers and our network partners.

The placeholders will now look as follows:

  • {referral_time} for instances when a user is redirected into the Play Store and the Google reftag was recorded.
  • {install_begin_time} - for when a user clicks download in Play Store.
  • {install_finish_time} for when the app finished downloading (before first app open, e.g., an install in Adjust).

This update will be available for install and reattribution.

Google has recently made much more attribution information available, which has allowed us to create this update along with an enhanced version of our click injection fraud prevention tool, and you can find more information on that here.