Jul 12, 2021

Secure your users’ data with Adjust Data Residency

As the only Europe-based MMP, data privacy has always been one of the most important areas of focus at Adjust. Even before GDPR, we’ve always been a firm advocate of data protection. We are also the only MMP that does not rely on cloud storage. This is why we’re happy to announce that we now offer Explicit Data Residency for clients in three regions:

  • The European Economic Area
  • The United States
  • Turkey

Data residency refers to the geographic location where you store user data in real life. You may need to store your users’ personal data in your geographic region for many reasons. This could be to abide by region-specific privacy laws and regulations. By using our dedicated real-world servers, your users’ data can stay where you want it to.


As compared to other MMPs, Adjust offers explicit Data Residency rather than implicit. This means the flow, processing, and storage of user data, remain within your region at all times. Our solution has been engineered with complete isolation and data privacy in mind.

Here's our CEO, Paul Müller, breaking it all down in a quick video.

To get started with Adjust Data Residency, read our setup guide. For any questions, reach out to support@adjust.com.