Feb 20, 2020

Introducing the Adjust Deeplink Generator

Deep links are one of the most integral tools available to mobile marketers, but they’re not easy to set up on your own. When an error can thanks to a single character out of place, it’s no surprise that they find a way in. That’s why Adjust created the Deeplink Generator, a tool that allows you to create a deep link in seconds without any extra effort.

The Deeplink Generator provides marketers with a fully-formed deep link URL that works for both App Links (Android) and Universal Links (iOS), greatly reducing the hassle of implementing deep links yourself.

How it works

To access the Adjust Deeplink Generator, log into the Adjust Dashboard and then click on Menu in the top-left. This will open a sidebar where you will now see an option called Deeplink Generator. Clicking on this will take you to the generator.

There you can find options to set up deep links for iOS, Android, and multiplatform apps (as seen in the screenshots below).

Easy to use: The Deeplink Generator helps teams get around any lengthy dialogue between marketers and developers when implementing deep links at scale.

Automation: Manual deep link creation is a massive time sink. Having a Deeplink Generator that can automatically create deep links takes away a sizeable amount of operational time and resources that can otherwise be spent on the actual optimizations of campaigns and overall marketing strategy.

Reliability: Manual deep link creation increases the chance of human error creeping in. Like any URL, a deep link won’t work if there’s a typo, and no human is averse. However, the Deeplink Generator cuts out human error, making the process of deep link creation much more reliable.The benefits of Adjust’s Deeplink Generator

For any questions about deep links and how they work, please be sure to check out our set up details in our Help Center, or contact support@adust.com