Sep 24, 2018

Adjust has teamed up with Facebook in the launch of App Event Integration

Adjust has teamed up with Facebook to send app event information that can be used for targeting, optimization, and measurement. This will enhance the way standard events work between us, unlocking the potential of Facebook’s platform by giving advertisers access to more advanced advertising solutions.

Facebook is launching a partner flow to improve App Event setup for advertisers and guide them through the best practices for sharing App events. This will make it easier for businesses to start passing the correct app event information to Facebook, and ensure that the information shared can take advantage of their powerful targeting, optimization, and measurement solutions. This set up flow is available via the Facebook Events Manager.

Reggie Singh, Head of Partnerships at Adjust, said, “It’s been great to collaborate with Facebook to develop new solutions to help our customers get more out of both platforms. We also look forward to many more opportunities like this in future.”

For more information on Facebook App Events, take a look here.