Sep 29, 2017

With the release of iOS 11 comes our latest SDKs

With the release of iOS 11 we’ve made a small tweak to our iOS SDK to compensate for the different way iOS was built before this new version. This release does not affect the end user.

iOS 11 launched on September 19 introducing Animoji’s, new security features, and new ways to multitask on iPad. It’s important to stay current with all SDK versions to support the new OS, and we’ll always encourage you to keep updating as our new tech rolls out.

Current SDK versions

Please find all current versions of Adjust’s SDKs below. Please update if you haven’t installed the most up-to-date version.

- iOS SDK v4.11.5

- Unity SDK v4.11.4

- React Native SDK v4.11.6

- Cordova SDK v4.11.3

- Adobe AIR SDK v4.11.3

- Xamarin SDK v4.11.3

- Cocos2d-x SDK v4.11.3

- Titanium SDK v4.11.2

You can find all the latest versions of our SDKs here.