Aug 18, 2017

New and improved reattribution: Announcing Instant Reattribution

Instant Reattribution cuts down on the minimum inactivity window needed in order to reattribute a user, giving you increased accuracy when it comes to influencing online shopping habits, as well as other user behavior. But what is Instant Reattribution? And how does it affect reattribution behavior?

What's changed?

Previously reattribution relied on a new session being sent via our SDK. With Adjust, a new session is fired by the SDK only after a minimum 30 minute user inactivity period. This sometimes caused an issue for apps running a lot of continuous retargeting campaigns, though it affects anyone who'd like to reattribute a click within a shorter time span.

Say, for example, that a user leaves your app, but ten minutes later clicks an ad and is deep linked into the app again. Before, Adjust would count this as another instance in the previous session.

With Instant Reattribution (and in the same example) a user would instead be reattributed to this new advertising campaign, regardless of whether they have an active session or not.

Reattribution is, in effect, no longer reliant on a new session.

Further details

Because our solution specifically aims to alleviate issues found in retargeting campaigns, it works exclusively with Adjust’s deep link technology. This solution won’t affect with clicks within sessions that don’t use deep links.

This release benefits all clients on all packages, and it's live for all apps with SDK v4.11.4 or above.

For more information, please refer to our Retargeting Documentation here. If you have any more questions on the change, please get in contact with support - we'll be happy to help with anything you need.